Sunday, April 26, 2009

Retail therapy and "Green Eyed Monster"

I desperately wanted to go to a concert this weekend. My college years consisted of me listening to the Dave Matthews Band. I can remember singing and dancing with friends to their music, snuggling with a certain someone special while listening to a particular song, drinking a margarita at a Veranda with one of my very best friends while DMB serenaded us and me telling her how it would be sooo cool to bring a little one home from China. Along with Dave Matthews Band, Jason Mraz was joining them in concert. Paige and I LOVE Jason Mraz. So, I tried fervently to get tickets to the show, but to no avail, came up short. Feeling sorry for myself I decided some retail therapy was in order. I bought myself a new Coach purse and wallet and am in love! I know, I know, frivolous spending...could be spent on something more important, but you see, I never buy for myself. I am always buying for the little princess in our family. This is my one indulgence!
Here's my pretty purse! I love it so...sadly, I covet it!

As for the rest of my weekend, well I had two photoshoots. One was with my friend's daughter and it went quickly and was a breeze. I caught some really precious images and I cannot wait to share them with her. The other shoot proved to be a bit of a challenge. Last minute a friend of a friend called and asked if I could photograph her FOUR children! YIKES! She was offering to pay quite a bit more than what I charge and I just couldn't pass up the offer, or the challenge. It went really well. I am anxious to edit the images and share them on my photography blog and with the family. The children were so well behaved and were eager to please their bribery clad mommy :)

Paige went to the flea market with my mom and when they got home, she came bolting back to my room and showed me her goodies. I was uploading images and she caught a few of them and quickly said, "Why didn't you take MY picture this weekend?" She then proceeded to grab her loot and say, "I'm going to my room!". I gave her a few minutes and went to check on her. She was looking at some pics that I had taken of her and she said, "I want us to have a photoshoot, just you and me ... k?" You know that I am MORE than happy to oblige!

Funny little girl! She usually detests having to pose for pics. I guess she doesn't want to share her sissy (melt my heart!) Have a great week, friends!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Who she is...

She is a deep thinker...

She is a Christian...

She is lucky...

She is dramatic...
Ha ha (of course, she was playing here :)

She is a little hip hopper...

She is a fashionista (per sissy's request ;)...
She is a good citizen...

She is a bike rider...

She is a nature lover...

She is a dancer...

She is an ice cream lover...

She is a scooter lovin' girl...

Friday, April 17, 2009

My trip to KY!

I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun I had during my little excursion to KY! When I learned that my dear friend Lisa was going to be there on business, I jumped all over driving up to see her. Then she informed me that we were going to see Felicia, Leslie, Marla, Becky and Virginia and their girls, and well...I was just plain giddy!!!

These ladies are all so sweet and genuine and unique and we all share the common thread of loving some special kids, blogging and taking pictures. It's amazing to me that this blogging community has become some of my very dearest friends (afterall, for the longest time I told people you all were my invisible friends :) Not any longer!)

Thanks Lisa for being my partner in crime! We sure do have fun together and I can see many, MANY years of fun and laughter! I love ya, girl!

Felicia: Thank you for your hospitality! You are so gracious and kind. You are every bit as warm and wonderful as I thought you'd be! We will be seeing each other soon :)

Becky: Girl, how sorry am I that I didn't get to shoot with you!!! :( I am DEFINITELY coming back up and we will have a big photoshoot : ) It was so great to meet you and your sweet girls!!

Virginia: I'm sorry that I didn't get to chat with you more! I am so excited about your upcoming adventure to Kerry Lu! She is a beautiful baby girl. Blessings on your big trip to motherhood!

Marla: I swear you might be THE funniest person I have ever met! Seriously! I had sooo much fun talking to you at dinner. You are an awesome mommy and too funny to boot! We WILL be seeing each other again!

Leslie: I just love you! What a sweetheart you are. I know that if we ever got to spend some time together (just the two of us), we could talk for hours! Your girls stole my heart and I am going to take you up on your offer to visit! Can't wait to see you again (and meet Larry :)

I am so lucky to have spent time with you all!

Now, as for pictures : ( In all the excitement...I set my ISO speed to 3200 :( They are muy grainy, but even with these subjects, you can't hide the cuteness!!!


Meet everyone!

Meet Ava!

Meet Lily!

Meet Ella!

Miss Lily looking GORGEOUS in front of the tulips!

Meet Olivia!

Meet Adalyn!

This is Marla and her sassy lil' gal! These two girls cracked me up!!! Instant FUN!
The sweet group of girls! Aren't they all so beautiful?


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sweet girl obliges

My little tomgirl allowed her sister to dress her up and take her on a photoshoot. I just love my little sister. Did you guys realize that? LOL! I feel like we sometimes don't get to spend real quality time together. It's like we are two ships passing in the night. I don't like it :( She dances so much and I am busy with school and projects and school...and did I say school? I am thinking of taking her away for a vacation when we get out of school...just she and I. Yes, that's what I'll do...thanks for the help! :)

Here is my little tomboy! Doesn't she clean up nicely? To see Miss Paige's preferred attire, go visit Lala's site and scroll down to the post: Double dose of Paige. She wore the same satin basketball shorts, TWO days in a row, with the same NY Yankees ball cap...aaaahhh! At least her bball shorts were pink. While at LaLa's site, make sure you check out the SERIOUS cuteness that surrounds Laura daily. I mean really, it should be illegal to have two kids that are that darn cute!

Have a great week!

Paige at our photoshoot!


Friday, April 10, 2009

This and that

Bullet style

  • This has been such a busy month. I've had lots of projects and they have challenged me (that's always a good thing).

  • Spring is here, I think? Weather in TN. has been crazy. One day this past week it was in the high 70's and the next day it snowed! : )

  • I'm doing Weight Watchers and as of yesterday am down 7 pounds! Can I get a woot woot?

  • I got a new position at my school and couldn't be more excited!!! I get to do what I've always dreamed of and I am THRILLED!

  • I am off to a fun little jaunt to KY to meet some of my fav. blogger buddies! Pics to follow :)

  • I'm not able to go to the photography workshop that I have already had to miss once before :( I have to train at school that week. I am sad to miss the experience to learn more about photography from the Pixel Fairy! :( I am also SUPER bummed not to be meeting some girls that I just adore. However, since I am missing this trip, my mom surprised me and said that we will just take our summer vacay there! So, i'll be there in a couple of months! YAY!

  • We are going to see Cirque De Soleil on this Good Friday and we are so excited.

  • I miss my dad. Easter was always a time spent with my family. It's just another reminder that he isn't with us anymore and it remains to break my heart. I don't know when the pain will dull, but I am praying that God can comfort me, as I struggle to understand why he is gone. I am excited to see him in Heaven! I miss his laugh and him calling out to me, "Have a good day, sis". I miss you daddy!

  • I hope you all have a blessed Easter!!! Enjoy your family. Hold them close and tell them every chance you get, how much you love them. Family is what it is ALL about!

Thank you God for all you have done for us!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Letting go is hard to do...


This beautiful little girl is now coming into her own and it is scary and makes me a tad, no a lot, sad. She has always been a pleaser. She wants me to be happy with her and has (usually) obliged when I asked her to dress up for a photo op or for school or church. Now that she is old enough to have a say, she is trying to speak to me and be heard. Prime example: today Lala and Annslee came over for a visit. We were back in Paige's room and Laura was commenting on the colors of her room (lime green, pink and white) and Paige said, "Can we change my room?" She said, "I told mom that I like it, but I really don't". I HEARD her, really heard her. Sooo, tonight we have looked online for new comforters, paint, accessories and what I am finding is, she is her "own" little person and it IS time for us to let go and let her fly. It is sooo hard, but I made a promise to her tonight that I was going to let her be the Paige she wants to be!

Look forward to lots of new posts of room decor and such... I will need lots of support from my friends...LOL!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

I need sunshine...

...and she always provides!

My love...

To see more of my pics, please visit my photography blog... Images By Missy