Saturday, January 31, 2009

Awww, thanks peeps!

Update on Paige: We have been referred to yet another cornea specialist. They say he is the best in the Southeast, possibly in the U.S. He is going to review her eye. The question is: to transplant or not. He will also be the third opinion on whether or not it is cancer of the eye. The second doctor, like the first doctor, doesn't think it is. Another appt. this week. Thanks for all of the emails and facebook messages inquiring about my little peanut. Hopefully we will have a definitive answer soon!!!

Three very incredible bloggers tagged me for this award! I love them all so! Each have such amazing little ones in their lives and are blessed by such wonderful friends and family! Love you girls and am thankful for this wonderful award. Gail of Aging with Grace too has the cutest little girl and boy! She just brought home her son, Will. He is such a cutie and a little character. Her sweet girl, Grace is sooo cute and I imagine is an incredible big jie jie. Kerri of The Monkey King is such a fun friend with such precious little of whom I think looks a little like Paige. She is one of my Canadian buddies and always leaves such sweet and thoughtful comments. Love her! Sarah of Learnin the Plan is my new friend. She is a jie jie to a sweet little sis from China. She is a 12 year old young lady who has a great love of family and the lord. Please go check out her site and say hello to her. She is a sweet girl!

The Rules are:
Pass it on to 5 fabulous blogs, including the one that gave it to you and link them.

Janet of Boo Adventures. I love Janet's style. She adores her children and her "Mr. Tennis" : ) She has the cutest little first grader ever, who is a reading machine and is too cute to boot!

Jodee of Follow the Leaders. This gal is so creative. I love going to her blog to see what neat treat she has to feature. She has such a beautiful family. She is also a great blogger...I can't keep up with all of her posts (but I'm trying Jodee). I am so not worthy : )

Rhonda of From Dating to Diapers. I met Rhonda not too long ago after I had just recently found her blog. She and I have a mutual friend (who is dear to both of us). She has three gorgeous boys and one of the cutest little peanuts around, Macy Li. She is a lovely lady on the inside and out.

Kerry of No Matter What. You know when you "meet" someone and you think to yourself, "She and I could be best friends?" Kerry is that person to me. Her love for her children and children in general is so inspiring. Her girls, hubby and family mean the world to her. She is one of those friends that says just the right thing at just the right time. She is a rare gem and I adore her.

Kate of Livin LaVida Lia. Have you heard the saying, "Brother from another mother?". Kate is my "sister from another mother". She and I laugh at the same juvenile humor. She is an educator and I don't doubt is probably one of the best around. She rocks with her camera and have you ever seen her little Lia??? I mean, seriously, CUTE!

I've never been one to follow the rules so I am adding two more blogs that I just could not leave out...

Jen of Katie Min Min. She is always doing something FUN! She has a lifelong best friend that means the world to her. I do, too. My best friend has been in my life for 31 years. I just know Jen is a faithful friend and is a blast to be around. She's blessed with a great hubby and a cutie pie daughter, Katie.


Lisa of From the Long Road to China. If you could be a fly on the wall when Lisa and I are on the phone, well let's just say, you would probably blush : ) Just kidding. We hit it off immediately and I anticipate she and I will be friends for a long time. She has a beautiful family and is awaiting her China babe...soon, I hope! She is a talented photographer, too!

If you are on my sidebar, please know that I LOVE you all! Chances are, I've probably already tagged you numerous times...but if not, look're next : )

Five of my fabulous addictions:

1. Blogging (duh!)

2. Facebook....OH.MY.WORD! I have over 400 friends on that thing and I didn't even know I had 400 friends : ) It is soooo addictive and fun!

3. Starbucks. Venti cappucino three raw sugars wet!

4. My Mp3 player. My music selections are SO random. At this moment, I am listening to Michael Jackson's Pretty Young Thing....crazy, I know.

5. Photography!!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The kissing disease

I have it! After weeks of being totally and completely exhausted, the answer came by phone on Monday. I have mononucleosis...mono...the kissing disease. I could only wish that I contracted it by kissing some gorgeous man, but nooooo, I most likely got it from having a weakened immune system from being exhausted and stressed and received the lovely virus from some unknown little stinker.

The good thing about this is: I can take a break from work and rest for a week (or more depending on how I am feeling). I won't have to feel bad about not having the energy to do things that I usually do with ease ( I have really been beating myself up over not being able to play with Paige or hang out with friends or give my sweet babies at school all of my usual gusto ).

The bad news, and I do mean BAD is:
  • I have to miss out on the photography workshop that I have been looking SO forward to. I was going to learn so many great tips and techniques from Debbie. I am soooo sad!
  • Not only was I going to learn about photography, but I was going to spend time with some great ladies!
  • Lisa and I have been SO looking forward to meeting in real life and I am MORE bummed about not being around her than I can even express. Lis, it just means that I am going to be flying up to PA sooner than I had imagined. I know you will learn SO much from Debbie and will have such a great time. Don't go and get too good on me, k?

We also have Paige's eye appt. on Friday and I won't be able to go. My mom is great with handling all of the details, afterall, she has been a mom for 34 years, but as I am sure most of you have already figured out, Miss Paige is like my own, too. I hate not to be at the doctor to hold her hand, as she is scared. The last doctor was using words like "blind, cancer, loss of eyesight, good eye, bad eye" in front of her and now that has her freaked out.

Hopefully, one of these days, I will having nothing but HAPPY things to post. I feel like lately life has been hard. It's times like these that make the "normal" days sooo special.

I probably won't be doing too much blog hopping, as I am trying to get as much sleep as possible. I'll be back soon!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

CNY celebration part 1

I know I am on half time, but I had to post these pics. We went to our FCC's CNY celebration last night and it sure was fun. It never disappoints, that is for sure. Paige brought along her friend, Olivia. They had a ball. The highlight of the night for Paige was that her teacher was there, as she has an 19 month old from China. It was a great night as you can see by the photos. I enjoyed seeing all of the families and seeing how their children have grown and I also enjoyed meeting new friends, too, like this wonderful lady Rhonda. Her little angel baby, Macy Li is an absolute doll. Go over and see for yourself! We also saw Annslee and Coby and their family and that is always a treat! It was a great night. I was worn out when we got home and am hoping to have a day of rest today. I don't know why I am becoming so wiped out so easily. It could be a case of the winter blues. Come on Spring!

Enjoy the photos...I took lots!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Half Time

My dad coached girl's high school basketball for close to 30 years, so we used lots of b-ball lingo at our house. My dad used to say he needed a "half time" when he needed to rest, relax, de-stress, hydrate, get a pep talk and get out of his funk".

Well, I am needing a half time! I don't know what is wrong with me, but I am WORN OUT! I don't hardly have the energy to keep my eyes open lately.

I went to the endocrinologist today to have blood work done to see if my thyroid is out of whack again. I go back on Tuesday, as he was going to expedite my blood work. I just don't feel good. I'm tired and I am going to take a half time.

We are supposed to go to the Chinese New Year celebration tomorrow night and Paige is super excited, so I am going to rest tonight and tomorrow and see if I am ready to go back to "the second half" : )

Talk to you all when half time is over :) Have a lovely weekend!

PS- Gail and Kerri...I'm going to post about the award soon! I love ya girls!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I was so proud of this dad today! I am so hopeful that our country and the world will come together and unite in peaceful ways. I am so proud to be an American today. I love this picture of President Obama as he embraces his sweet daughter. This day was bittersweet for me, as my dad loved President Obama and really wanted him to win the election, but didn't think it would happen. As I watched the inauguration with my students today, I found myself longing for my daddy and wanted him to experience in this monumental occassion.

Tomorrow, my sweet dad would have been 62 years old. I miss him so much every single day. I hope and pray that he knows how proud he made me to have him as my dad. Happy Birthday Daddy! I love you!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What we've been up to

I told you I was a worrier, but what I didn't tell you is....I get it naturally! We bought
Paige a new trampoline for Christmas and when I came home from work the other day, this is what I found. Paige has to wear protective goggles to jump...hee hee! She doesn't seem to mind, though : )
Sidenote from Paige: YoYObloggers.... I look chubby. thanks sis .No really U shouldn't have.
Anywho check out my shades .Don't mind my chipmunk cheeks!It wasn't a great veiw.
My sis is making me stressed right now . P.s she's right here not there here.
I know it makes no since just enjoy happy times.
Cya later
We went and visited with our dear friends, LaLa, Annslee and Coby. OH MY WORD...I am in LOVE with Annslee and Coby!!! Annslee is such a fun and animated little girl and is so flippin' funny. She had me in stitches. Coby is THE cutest baby boy I have ever seen and now I officially, desperately am wanting a baby boy. I did get some pics of him, but they were blurry :( Trust me when I tell you that this little love is as cute as his big sister...daaaaahhhling (Laura, that one's for you!)
Paige and I went to eat hibachi and it was sooo yummy! Laura advised me to get the squid, but I didn't venture out that far (Laura we'll have to do this one night). However, I did get to spend
some quality time with Miss P. Doesn't she look darling in her glasses?

Paige and Ashley Elizabeth (American Girl doll), both sporting their new specs. Too cute!

Please tell me that your children (school age) are as into the computer as Paige. OMG...
she is OBSESSED with Club Penguin. I promise you she would have to go to Club Penguin rehab in order to get over this addiction. I think she gets it honestly, though, as I love blogging and Facebook. At least we share a computer and so the time is limited for both of us. Again, I need to get off this silly thing!

Happy Birthday Dr. King!!! If it weren't for you I wouldn't be able to enjoy the many different students in my classroom every single day! I love them and I love our country!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Knock Knock

Paige and I did not have school today due to the weather. We played Scrabble last night until, well, very late...

Anywho, she wanted to make a pallet on my floor and sleep in my room. So, we slept in until after 10:00!!! Heavenly.

Here's what I wake up to:

Paige: "Sissy, are you awake?"
Me: "I am now"
Paige: "Knock Knock"
Me: "Who's there?"
Paige: "None ya"
Me: "None ya who?"
Paige: "None ya business"
Me: "Grrrr....I'm still sleepy"
Paige: giggling, "Knock knock"
Paige: "Nun"
Me: "NUN WHO?"
Paige: "Praise the lord, sista"
Me and Paige: Giggling profusely!

Have a BLESSED day :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Paige at 10.

  • Paige is such a funny kid. She told me today that she and Weston (her crush) have a playdate planned. When I asked her what they would be doing, her reply was, "Oh, we'll play chess, jump on the trampoline, play with the cats, chat..."
  • She is such a little love. She has always been so tender hearted and kind and I love that still gets so excited when I walk in from work. She has a scratchy little voice and comes running down the hallway, "Sissy, sissy, sissy".
  • I took her shopping the other day and she wanted to spend her own money. She bought basketball (satin) shorts for Hip Hop class and a black and white checkerboard hat that says, "You wish you could be cool like me". Sigh! No self esteem problems from this girl.
  • She asked if she could graduate out of speech class, but while asking completely botched her r's and her th's. Not ready yet, my sweetie! : ) I know I shouldn't encourage her speech by talking to her like she is a baby, but yet I find myself saying, "Tum here, you sweet sugarbooger....let me wuv on you". I know that I am part of the problem... I just could eat her up.
  • While sweet and compassionate, she has started talking under her breath at my mom and I. NOT appreciated, but soooo funny and sooooo scary that she is at that age.
  • She still loves her "checky" and wants one to take with her when we travel so that the original checky will not ever get lost.
  • Made straight A's on her report card this last six weeks and proclaimed, "I even pulled that off while life was so hectic with the Nutcracker. I can "multi-ask". : )
  • Doesn't like to wear jeans, because they are scratchy.
  • Loves to use her imagination and play with her AG dolls and her pirate legos.
  • Loves her teacher like no other. Says they are "bonded" for life. LOL!
  • Hates to have her hair brushed by me and will weasel her way out of it. She will even take a shower and then run and put on her pj's and pretend like she is asleep so she doesn't have to brush her hair.
  • Doesn't like to eat breakfast, but when she does, wants something sweet to eat.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Update and some cuteness : )

Thank you for all of the many prayers sent up for Miss Paige in the last day! We felt them and they are appreciated. We got up early today and I have to say that Miss P. woke up as sassy as ever. My mom and I were/are nervous wrecks, but tried hard not to let it show. We got to Vanderbilt's Eye Institute early and eagerly awaited the appointment. Unfortunately, the news isn't as good as we had hoped. While we thought that she may have a cataract and were scared that's what it is, turns out that would have been the better scenario. Paige has massive scarring on her cornea. The doctor said that a cataract could have at least been removed. The extensive scarring was probably created by trauma at birth or a bacterial infection that went untreated as a baby. Since we didn't adopt Paige until she was 2.5, he said the damage had already been created. As for the cloudiness, there is something that is causing it to come to fruition now and that is what is in question.
We go back to another and more specific cornea specialist at the end of this month to determine what is the cause for the cloudiness in her eye. The doctor today proclaimed that she is legally blind in her eye and that he didn't know if it would be worth doing a transplant. That is what we are going to discuss with the specialist. He also couldn't 100% rule out cancer of the eye either. While he said he really doesn't think that is it, he wants to send her to "the best of the best" to make sure. Her good eye makes up for the bad eye and he said it has been doing all of the work all of these years and that is why she hasn't ever said anything about not being able to see...she just didn't know any better.
SO, please keep those prayers coming. We need them!
Good news, Miss Thang got some serious styling glasses! They will be ready in a week. Bad news (so she says), she has to wear them at all times (except for at dance and swimming). They are not exactly for vision, as the good eye is 20/40, but rather for protection for the good eye, as it is her only functioning eye.
I haven't posted pics of my girly in forever, so please oblige me a few...ummm, well... a lot!
Sweet girl on New Year's Eve

Playing with Tabitha, our cat
Rock on, sista!
Cutie pie!
She might be 10, but she isn't too big to bring her AG doll to the doctor with her for
Tonggu Momma...this one's for you : )
Brave girl!
She had just had her eyes dilated and the doctor said
she had to wear these while you think she looks happy? : )
Taking our girl out for lunch downtown for her favorite Chinese food
at yummy Golden Coast!
We stopped at Toys R Us for a little treat at the end of the day.
"I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys R Us kid"

Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm a worrier

I added this picture so you can see the difference in her eyes. Do you see the cloudiness? This was taken without a flash.
If you don't know, now you do. I am a self proclaimed, world's worst, top notch worrier.

With that said, I have strong intuitions, too. My gut hasn't failed me often.

Several posts back I asked that you pray for Paige's eye. Well, prayer warriors, I think we might really need you now.

I was going to stay quiet about this, but with a long weekend to stay busy knowing we go to Vanderbilt on Monday, I thought maybe, just maybe someone would know someone with a similar story and tell me that this will all be alright.

Thursday evening, while I am at home alone...Paige is out at dance, my mom bee bopping around town, the phone rings. It is Paige's Opthmalogist. She wants to talk to me. (She and I went to school together, so we are on first name basis). She said that upon further review of Paige's diagnostics with her, and with her speaking to Paige's Pediatrician, they just felt it was better to go ahead and get her in with Vandy asap. So she said, "Can you take her on Monday at 10:00?" I said that yes I would take off and go. She then said I think your mom should go to. So now I just ask her to lay it on the line for me....what on God's green earth are we dealing with here. She said it's probably a cataract and while that is not scary for an infant or an elderly patient, it tends to be very serious on kid's Paige's age. When cataracts come on at her age, there is an underlying reason why it is happening. That is what is scary, too. It can be all sorts of things from diabetes to vitamin deficiencies to... So I said do you think we will be looking at surgery. She said possibly, but to also educate ourselves and accept the fact that she could possibly have to have a CORNEAL TRANSPLANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, she proceeds to give me every phone number she has and to call her as soon as we leave the doctors office.

I get off the phone and well, yeah, I am crying. THEN ten minutes later THE PED calls. He starts in on how serious this is, how rare, do I know anything about her parents, is she urinating alot, is she dizzy. Then he tells us what to do in an emergency situation and who to call at Vandy should something happen over the weekend....(WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN????) So then he gives me fifteen numbers where I can reach him on Monday and he wants to hear back from me asap. Then HE said, "Be prepared for them to discuss corneal transplants" I start crying again.

While I know that this is NOT anything like most go's happening to our little girl....should I remind them that she is my LIFE??? I am just really scared. I was hoping that someone knew someone who had a young child with cataract that just was able to get it removed and not have to go through transplant surgery.

Please pray for my girl one last time!!! Pray for me because I am trying REALLY hard to be strong for her. She acts woozie if she has to get a shot. If she gets a bloody nose, she thinks we should take her to the ER. This all stemmed from my dad passing.

Prayer Warriors...we need you!!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm SO excited!

I woke up this morning realizing that in just a few short weeks I will be on my way to meet this talented lady and this dear friend in Atlanta for the Pixel Fairy Princess Workshop!!! To say I am excited is a HUGE understatement. I have been in a photography slump lately. Paige is so kind and always tolerates me photographing her, but I am inspired to take pictures of other things, as well. I have had the privelege over the past few months to photograph several families. The pictures turned out alright (and the families seemed to love them), but to me, the pics didn't have that "wow" factor. Everytime I see Deb's photos, she leaves me saying "Wow". I can't wait to learn a few tips from a pro.

I have a photography blog and I will share it one day soon when I have some more work to share. Right now it is all still a work in progress.

I am excited to learn about catchlights and angles and posing...oh my! : )

Friday, January 2, 2009


I usually don't make crazy resolutions that require a great deal of strain, because that generally leads to failure. This year my resolutions are simple, easy to achieve, yet totally priceless if I can stick to them.

  • Leave all things school at school (for you teachers out there, you understand what I mean).
  • Put my family first, no matter what.
  • Tell my mom and Paige that I love them every single day.
  • Read one book (of my enjoyment) a month.
  • Go to church at least two Sundays a month (I know that sounds awful, but I am NOT a morning person and I covet my weekend sleep). God comes first.
  • Spend less time behind the lens and more time in the moment.
  • Go to school every single day with a positive thought in my mind. Start my first graders day with a friendly greeting and a warm smile.
  • Take time to write more in my journal.
  • Send friends handwritten notes.
  • Videotape my family and friends more.
  • Visit my dad's grave once a month by myself and chat.
  • Love more and complain less.
  • Eat healthier.
  • Exercise more.
  • Stress less.

Ok, so those are my resolutions...what are yours?