Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Paige at 10.

  • Paige is such a funny kid. She told me today that she and Weston (her crush) have a playdate planned. When I asked her what they would be doing, her reply was, "Oh, we'll play chess, jump on the trampoline, play with the cats, chat..."
  • She is such a little love. She has always been so tender hearted and kind and I love that still gets so excited when I walk in from work. She has a scratchy little voice and comes running down the hallway, "Sissy, sissy, sissy".
  • I took her shopping the other day and she wanted to spend her own money. She bought basketball (satin) shorts for Hip Hop class and a black and white checkerboard hat that says, "You wish you could be cool like me". Sigh! No self esteem problems from this girl.
  • She asked if she could graduate out of speech class, but while asking completely botched her r's and her th's. Not ready yet, my sweetie! : ) I know I shouldn't encourage her speech by talking to her like she is a baby, but yet I find myself saying, "Tum here, you sweet sugarbooger....let me wuv on you". I know that I am part of the problem... I just could eat her up.
  • While sweet and compassionate, she has started talking under her breath at my mom and I. NOT appreciated, but soooo funny and sooooo scary that she is at that age.
  • She still loves her "checky" and wants one to take with her when we travel so that the original checky will not ever get lost.
  • Made straight A's on her report card this last six weeks and proclaimed, "I even pulled that off while life was so hectic with the Nutcracker. I can "multi-ask". : )
  • Doesn't like to wear jeans, because they are scratchy.
  • Loves to use her imagination and play with her AG dolls and her pirate legos.
  • Loves her teacher like no other. Says they are "bonded" for life. LOL!
  • Hates to have her hair brushed by me and will weasel her way out of it. She will even take a shower and then run and put on her pj's and pretend like she is asleep so she doesn't have to brush her hair.
  • Doesn't like to eat breakfast, but when she does, wants something sweet to eat.


Jill said...

Oh sweet Paige! Misssy, I have never met her, but due to your lovely posts and gorgeous pics, I am in love with her. What a wonderful bond the 2 of you have! I know I don't have to remind you to cherish it!
Hugs, Jill

rgshrs said...

I love this post! "Multi-ask" too cute! You and Paige have such a sweet relationship, you are so blessed to have each other. You make me wish I'd had a sister instead of 6 brothers. LOL (nah I'll keep 'em;)

Marla said...

Multi-ask!! LOL!! I love that! She sounds a lot like my Jaden (especially that talking under the breath part, ugh!)

This is such a sweet post, it is obvious what a precious relationship the two of you share.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Paige's personality always comes shining through here on your blog.....I have always imaginer her to be just as you wrote.....with the exception of talking under her breath at you and your Mom..LOL!!

You and Paige do have an incredible bond....she is one lucky lady to have a wonderful Mother and an INCREDIBLE Sister, like you.....I know there is NOTHING that you wouldn't do for her.

Talk to you soon...tonight, right?


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said... what I meant:)

Jboo said...

Oh my -- what a great post!! So fun to list what she's doing and sounding like now! Maddy sounds a lot like her as she has a few speech issues too and also hates to have her hair brushed! Paige is so lucky to have such a wonderful sister and family!! Have an almost 10-year old niece and she has also started getting a little cheeky with her Mom, so guess it's the age thing. Take care.

kerri said...

To the cutest little sugarbooger, multi tasker, we are such big fans!
Missy, I just love the relationship you and Paige have, I hope my girls always share such love.

Gail said...

Great post Missy. What a sweet girl Paige is and sparkling personality! You both have such a precious bond as sisters.

a Tonggu Momma said...

I'm in love with Miss Paige, too. I hope the Tongginator achieves some of her sweetness in time for the preteen years. LOL.

Tracy said...

She sounds like she is really teetering on the edge between little girl and teenager. I hope she stays little girlish for a while longer.

Jennifer said...

Love reading all this sweet facts about Paige. What a sweet, loving, funny, wonderful girl!


Shawnstribe said...

you and your beautiful family are very much in our prayers

Colleen said...

The things Paige says are so adorable. What a fun, sweet, wonderful ten year old!

Felicia said...

What a sweet post about your sissy! multi-ask...I just love that. I could eat her up too :)

Sherri said...

The things you write about Paige make me laugh. Congrats to her for getting straight A's....she must be a smart girl to pull that off!

Jade would eat something sweet for every meal if I let her ;)

Have a nice long weekend.

Nicole said...

This is so sweet! I keep a written journal with entries like this for both my kiddos. I am so afraid I'll forget all the cute little things they say and do! She is a regular riot! We like silly names at our house... the latest is "Nugget" ... I might havt to try "Sugarbooger!"

Steffie B. said...

She is a gem to treasure FOREVER!!!

I pray Emmie and Sophia are like you and Paige.....your relationship is beautiful! ;)


Norah said...

Gosh she is just lovely! Thanks for letting us get to know her a little more ; )