Tuesday, June 23, 2009

All she wants to do is dance, dance

So, last week we were consumed with dance recitals. Besides doing photoshoots for other families, I went a little photo happy with my girl and her special friends from the week. We had some great guests come and support Paige. Lala's kiddo, Annslee, was a superstar! She looked so cute in her little lollipop dress. She and I had fun screaming for Paige during the recital. Annslee is a little rock star whooo hooer...she is too, too cute. Her daddy, Mark, was a little unsure of the night's festivities with all of the makeup and midrifs showing, but I think he secretly had a good time :) Laura, we appreciate you guys coming more than you'll ever know!!!

Here are some cute pics and a couple videos, too :)

these girls are known as "the fab four" :)

avery, paige and hayden

annslee and paige

annslee putting her new skills to good use...sweet!

sweet friends: suzanne, laura, annslee and mark (with paige)

my favorite pic!!!

Here are two more videos from the evening! Paige was in the opening act, also, so here is a clip from that.

*****All of these videos are from rehearsals, not the recital. She was way more into it the night of the recital. They don't allow flash photography or video during the performances, so we have to wait for the dvd's of the recitals.*****

Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm back!

Whew! We've been sooo busy! Lots of dancing, loads of photoshoots, many playdates and summer fun. I'll let the pics and video do the talking. I will make my way around blogs this evening...YAY!







I have a gazillion other pics and video, but will save those for my next post :) We had some special friends that I will be including in my next post...some of you know their little lovies...you won't want to miss all the cuteness :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rest break

...as the lifeguards say at the pool, "Rest Break!" I'll be back :)

Friday, June 5, 2009


I just had to write these down before I forget them. Today we went to the pool and I overheard Paige telling some random lifeguard, "Yeah, I don't have to put on too much sunscreen, because I can rock a tan".

Tonight for dinner we ordered Chinese take out. I got my usual fav., moo goo gai pan (yes, I know this isn't exactly weight watcher friendly, but I had to have a treat) and Paige handed me my box and in a crazy voice said, "here is your moo goo gai pannnn, wa". I asked what that accent was for...she said, "I am trying to sound like a chinese person". Ummmmm, really? Last I checked, she was an asian person :) I guess we need to get back involved in the chinese community so she doesn't forget this little tidbit about her life :) LOL!

When discussing with a group of moms about who she wants for fifth grade, her reply, "It doesn't matter, I roll with the punches...I'm just that kinda kid".

Oh, how she makes me laugh!!!
paige textures

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

busy, Busy, BUSY!!!

I thought summer was a time to be sleeping in, being lazy by the pool, sipping fruity drinks with the friends, no worries....carefree. HA! I have NOT stopped since school has let out. You see, I am trying to build my portfolio for my photog business and I noticed that I was missing babies in the portfolio. So, I announced on FB that I needed some babies to photograph and that I would give them a free print and free edited cd. Well, let's just say, I got more business than what I was prepared for. Don't get me wrong, it has been fun and has challenged me to rise to new heights. I've barely had time to photograph my favorite girl, Paige. I did get a cute, unexpected one of her, while she was being my assistant at a photoshoot. Doesn't she look cute?

So today, we finally had a nice day to go and relax by the pool. I am sitting there chatting with some moms and all of the sudden a group of boys walk by and we hear them say, "Paige is here! That girl is tight". So, we all get tickled and sit back and watch the show. These cuties were picking her up and throwing her in the water, splashing her, etc... and I thought to myself, "uh-oh" I don't blame them, she is a funny girl...or shall I say, tight!