Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In a relationship

"In a relationship"...three little words that usually don't phase me at all. Not phased until those three little words are written by Paige on her facebook page. Oh my! First, I was extremely reluctant to allow her to get a FB page at such a young age, but after lots of dialogue and rules set in place, I let Paige open an account. She has been so responsible with it and truth be known, rarely even gets on to check it.


So, much to my dismay, I am perusing FB and I see an update from my little sister. When I saw the three little words, I gasped and my heart jumped into my throat.



Why should I be surprised? After all, Paige is so sweet to everyone and she's not too hard on the eyes (thanks to her genes). She is in middle school and has never really had a "boyfriend". Why would she? But, some of her girlfriends have recently started "liking" boys and some feelings have been reciprocated. I knew Paige had a crush on someone, but didn't think it would manifest into anything.

black and white

Well, little bit came home the other day and asked if she could talk to my mom and I. Of course, we obliged. She sat us down and asked if she would be allowed to "go out" with "A". We discussed what going out with meant in middle school terms and were so relieved to know that they were extremely innocent. A little walk to class, maybe a hello in the hallway, a text here or there, but never phone calls or "dates". So, we decided to let her spread her wings a bit and were happy she at least was responsible enough to ask our permission.


No matter how hard we try to keep her young forever, truth is, she is growing into a beautiful young lady. She has a heart of gold and is such a sweet child. She really is. I wish everyone could know her. I think her little "friend" is very lucky.

Wonder if it'll last over a week or two? Is it bad to say, "I HOPE NOT?" :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

GracyLu Originals...

I have long admired these beautiful headbands that so many photographers integrated into their photo sessions. I was fortunate (or so I thought) to have snagged my two favs back in January. I cannot even begin to describe the quality that these pieces are and I don't know if my pics can even do them justice, but I will try.

Paige modeled them for me, but empatically told me that they weren't her style, while pretty, she is too "old" to wear them. Whatever!

I purchased each headband for $40 a piece, but am willing to part with them for $25 each or $45 together as a pair. I thought I would offer them here before I try to sell them elsewhere. They are TRULY gorgeous, but I'd rather them have a home where they will be used.

I believe this piece is called Gracie's Garden (not positive though).

This is "The Meg" and is my fav., but Paige says no way :/