Saturday, March 5, 2011

GracyLu Originals...

I have long admired these beautiful headbands that so many photographers integrated into their photo sessions. I was fortunate (or so I thought) to have snagged my two favs back in January. I cannot even begin to describe the quality that these pieces are and I don't know if my pics can even do them justice, but I will try.

Paige modeled them for me, but empatically told me that they weren't her style, while pretty, she is too "old" to wear them. Whatever!

I purchased each headband for $40 a piece, but am willing to part with them for $25 each or $45 together as a pair. I thought I would offer them here before I try to sell them elsewhere. They are TRULY gorgeous, but I'd rather them have a home where they will be used.

I believe this piece is called Gracie's Garden (not positive though).

This is "The Meg" and is my fav., but Paige says no way :/


Gail said...

Missy I would buy the second one from one, that is if it isn't sold yet! She looks beautiful in them!

bbmomof2boys said...

Hi ya! I'll take both! If no one else has taken them yet. Little T would look adorable in them!!


Julia said...

I am interested! They are soooo pretty. Julia Anderson

Sharon said...

Did you sell them? I love how Paige is a mix of girly girl and sporty. Linhsey is all boy at this point! A skirt came in the mail yesterday and she took one look and said " I'm not wearing that thing! Who's it for?" I had to assure her it was only for picture purposes and then she could take it off.