Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's "Improvements"

What are resolutions really? In my mind, they are ways to improve upon your life in the upcoming year. I never keep resolutions, so instead I am aiming for ways to improve my life, hence New Year's Improvements.


You see this gorgeous little girl in the gray fur lined sweater? See how clear and vibrant she is? Yeah, me too! See the lady behind her...a little blurry, not as in focus? Yeah, I see her too. How can I improve upon this picture and what does it have to do with New Year's Improvements???? Well, let me tell you.

While I do make an effort to spend quality time with Paige, it could happen much more frequently. She dances soooo much and the times that she is not dancing, I try to spend time with her but it could be so much more productive.

My New Year's Improvement is to be less of a blur, as in the pic above, and be more clear and present. Starting Jan. 1st, I will ONLY get on the computer in the evenings when she is at dance. Goodness knows that if I can't get my FB or blog fix in during those hours then I have a real problem. I want to spend time talking, cooking, praying, reading, playing games, etc...with my family.

Life goes by in the blink of an eye and I don't want to look back and have regrets. If I were to leave this earth today and I think it would be fair to say that I am not living the way God would intend me to or how I want to. So, family FIRST!

Another New Year's Improvement is going to be my overall health. Physical, emotional, spiritual health. I have plans for all three.

Physical plan: I am rejoining WW. It is the only way I lose weight. I am also joining a local church's gym with my mom. We are going to walk while Paige dances. This will also help she and I to spend quality time together. I am going to make and go to doctor's appointments. I have a tendency to cancel appointments, because I am "too busy". Yeah right!

Emotional plan: I will NOT be around or entertain others who have a negative attitude. I won't, I won't, I WON'T!!! There are too many people in my life who have a glass half empty mentality. They are only hurting themselves, but ultimately, they bring me down, too. I am going to surround myself with people who genuinely are happy and care about my feelings. I am not going to be the "dumpster" that I have been in the past and listen to everyone's problems and feel like I have to carry them as mine. NOPE, not going to do it. I love my friends and am here for them wholeheartedly and will stand by their side, but I also have trials and tribulations and for crying out loud, they can listen, too!!!

Spiritual plan: I am going to set out to read the Bible in one year. I am going to use the plan that several of my friends have. I am soooo excited, but a little nervous about this. I think I can do it, though! I am stoked!

I am going to purchase more books and read for pleasure. I am going to learn more about my camera. I am going to plan a big trip for the summer. I am going to enjoy all that 2011 has to offer.

BRING IT ON!!!! Out with the old and in with the new!

Happy New Year, Friends~!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Highlights and thoughts of Christmas 2010

We have had such a nice Christmas here in Tennessee. As Amy Grant sings, "Another tender Tennessee Christmas, is the only Christmas for me". I couldn't agree more. For the first time since 1993 (I was 19 yrs old), we had a white Christmas. It was truly magical. The snow began falling right as the sun went down on Christmas Eve. It hasn't really completely stopped until today, although we didn't get tons of accummulation. It made for the best memories and photos.

I have never been a fan of Christmas. It started when I was a little girl. My emotions always get the best of me...can't fully describe it. I am very nostalgic and love the Christmas music, lights, decor and such, but something about the holiday depresses me. Maybe because Christmas is always such a grand event and there is a let down afterwards. I'm not sure I can quite put my finger on it. I think I feel that it is a holiday geared for children and I am PERFECTLY OKIE DOKIE with that. I don't like sitting around watching adults unwrapping unnecessary things that just don't matter much. I sound like a grinch don't I? I don't mean to, really.

Our family has decided that next year, we are going to buy for the littles (Paige), but instead of buying for one another, we are going to put the money that we would spend on each other and adopt a family. I cannot think of any Christmas gift in the world that I would enjoy more.

Enough about all of was a lovely holiday. I was glad to spend Jesus's birthday with the people that I have been blessed to call my family. We slept in (thank goodness for the teenage years in that regard).

Here are some thoughts about the holidays and Christmas:
1. Start pulling out decorations with the Halloween decorations. Have them assembled and ready to go the evening of Thanksgiving. We spent entirely too much time decorating this holiday and didn't have everything done until...until... oh, who am I kidding, we still don't have it all done! :)
2. Adopt a family and provide them a Christmas meal and tons of goodies to make their day happy!
3. Don't expect a lot from extended family. Everyone was on edge this year. Make a plan so that if someone gets testy, I have an escape plan :) hee hee just kidding...well, not really :/
4. Do NOT spend so much money on Paige. Rather, spend time doing activities that unite us. Not purchase things that will put her in her corner doing her own thing. More board games, more project based activities.
5. DO NOT LISTEN TO THE CHRISTMAS SHOES OR WATCH THE MOVIE!!!!!!!! Most people think it is utterly cheesy. I do not. I feel sorry for the little boy whose mama is going to meet jesus tonight. Deadgum, I want the woman to have some nice shoes for crying out loud.
6. Stop trying to hold in my emotions and cry when I miss my daddy. Like, the ugly cry, the kind where you have swollen eyes, snot flowing, fists pounding cry. Get it out. I missed my dad sooo much this year. I always do. It's heightened during the holidays.

Shew, I feel better having said all that. Here are some photos to prove that we really, really did enjoy ourselves. As a matter of fact, the fun isn't over yet...we still have a couple more celebrations to attend.

If you are still reading at this point, you are my new hero. If you stay for the pics...well, you are still my hero, just a SUPERhero!

Olivia Grace and Paige Frances Christmas Eve 2010

Kids being silly!

Our dear friends, the Craigheads


Brenda and Bob

Me, mom and Paige Christmas Eve 2010

White Christmas Eve

Paige and Moo on Christmas Day! I swear to you my dog is camera is a running joke in our household.

Blake and Paige...friends/like cousins since they were babies, because...

...their moms/sisters have been friends for 33 years. Suzanne and I. We know EVERYTHING there is to know about each other. She was my across the street neighbor starting when we were three. She is like a sister to me.

Suzanne and my friendship started because our moms met at the mailbox and started chatting. They quickly learned that they had kids who were the same age and husbands who were golf obsessed. My dad and Suzanne's dad were best friends since I was three, too. They are truly our family.

Now our brood has grown by husbands/kids etc... Sadly, we are missing my brother, Greggie Poo, as we used to call him. We also miss my dad terribly. Suzanne and her sister, Stacy, pictured with her boys, thought of my dad as their own.

My mom, Eileen (Carol's mom), and Carol (Suz and Stacy's mom). Three women whom I love and admire. I could cry just looking at these ladies and thinking about all we've shared.

Lastly, my little fam.

A funny about this last I was scrolling through the pics that I was going to upload our conversation went like this:

Me: Ughh, I am so overweight. I hate it!
Mom: One day you will be skinny.
Me: (giggling)...Thanks for the encouragement mom, but no I won't.
Paige: Sure you Heaven!
Me and Mom: CRACKING UP!
Me: Thanks for the vote of confidence, Paige. You were supposed to say, sure sis, you'll be skinny one day! lol!

Now everything that we say, we end it with "In HEAVEN"...and on that note, hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!


Missy and Paige

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ten FAB years!!!

Sunday, we celebrated a decade, YES A DECADE, that we have had Paige in our family! I just cannot believe that we have been a family for 10 fabulous years! She is the laughter, the heart, the sweetness in our family. She makes all of the bad days, beautiful!

She had open house at her dance studio so we spent the day there, but afterwards, we went to dinner and she received her first little blue box. She was sooooo excited! It's a paloma heart necklace. The solid heart represents her, the surrounding hearts represent her biological parents, my parents, me, Greg and God. She LOVED it! She has been showing it off with such pride...sooo cute!







Blurry, but the BEST gift of all!!!

Here are a few favs from her Open House and a video clip that I LOVE!!!




Get it girl!!!




Here is the dance that won them BEST OVERALL in the City Parade for the fifth year in a row! It's sooo cute! I love the little hip hop girls in the purple. Paige and friends are in the powder blue eskimo outfits.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Love moments like these...

A friend of mine just came home from Uganda with his two beautiful baby boys (well, toddler boys, but babies in my book). As I was reading his FB wall and seeing all of the pics and videos my heart was all a flutter with the emotions of bringing home new lives. It is suuuch an overwhelming experience, isn't it? Whether born under your heart or in it, it is all such a miracle. Sometimes I am on an emotional high and I think I have been floating in the clouds all week.

Tonight I went to tuck Paige in bed. She was on top of the comforter, basketball shorts and tshirt still on, mismatched socks and drool on her pillow. Her CD player was still playing and as I started to pull off her socks and pull the covers up, Cinderella from Steven Curtis Chapman began to play. I seriously froze in my tracks and just looked at the little miracle that was in front of me. I mean seriously, how in the world did WE (my family) get so lucky to have HER? I sometimes feel like I am so unworthy of her. I hope and pray that I teach her right from wrong and that she knows just how loved she is. I don't know if I do a good enough job telling her exactly what she means to me. I am going to be better at expressing myself.

Her family day is coming up and I get all choked up just thinking about it. It's a special one, with some extra special surprises for her. I hope she loves what we got her. It is very sentimental and we loved picking it out for her.

Children are such blessings! ...just sayin' :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A simpler life

I have done a lot of reprioritizing and looking inward. I have decided to scale back on so many aspects of my life that were draining me and so time consuming. Some examples: I went from 800 to a little over 200 friends on FB. That has made SO much difference with the amount of time I spend on this silly computer. I was finding myself so intrigued with what families were eating for dinner, clothes little ones were getting, hearing tidbits of people's lives, etc... Yet, I was glued to the computer at night instead of living my life.

I usually send out over 100 Christmas cards. This year, I only ordered 40. I thought about the most important people in our lives and they are the recipients of our Christmas cards this year.

Paige has five packages under the tree, albeit expensive (realllly expensive gifts), but I don't feel the need to go and buy lots of fillers just so she can feel like she received a lot. That is not the reason for the season anyway.

We are spending time going to activities with close family friends rather than spreading ourselves thin and trying to attend every.single. party we get invited to during the holidays!

I am really feeling waaaayyy less stressed~! I think I can get used to this. NO, I know I can get used to this!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Parade 2010

Today was our town's annual Christmas parade. Paige's dance studio always performs in it and has won best performance for the past four years. The verdict will be out for a couple of days, but I can say, the dancers did a phenomenal job this year.

Now, I love bundling up for a chilly parade, but today it was below freezing, spitting snow and LOTS of sleet. It was sooo cold and as you will see by my pictures, Paige wasn't as bundled up as I would have liked. At the completion of the parade, her little cheeks were so red and her teeth were chattering. Poor baby. She had fun, though! Here are some of my fav. pics of the day...







My best dance mom friends :)
We had a ball!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Don't let em' fool ya!


Beautiful girls, right? Right! Sweet little faces, so angelic, right? WRONG!!! lol!

I received my cell phone bill and OH.MY.WORD!!!! Paige has a line on my package. I bought her a cell phone, because she dances, takes gymnastics and is at church every night of the week. There is not one night during the week that the child is home with me, so I needed a life line.

For the heck of it, I inspected my bill to see how many texts I used this past month. An astounding 200! To me, that is A LOT! So, why not check out Paige's texts for the month? 5,012!!! Yes, you read that correctly, five thousand, twelve texts in ONE month....mostly between those angelic, sweet little girls from above!

Good gravy!!! I had a HUGE talk with Paige and she promises to limit the texts to a minimum of 5 per day. Geez...seriously, what could one have to say to their friends that they can't say at school, dance, church, gymnastics? I mean, seriously?!?

I have a feeling that this little preteen is going to keep me hopping! As I type, she is away at a "girl's night!".

I have created a monster! :)