Friday, December 3, 2010

Don't let em' fool ya!


Beautiful girls, right? Right! Sweet little faces, so angelic, right? WRONG!!! lol!

I received my cell phone bill and OH.MY.WORD!!!! Paige has a line on my package. I bought her a cell phone, because she dances, takes gymnastics and is at church every night of the week. There is not one night during the week that the child is home with me, so I needed a life line.

For the heck of it, I inspected my bill to see how many texts I used this past month. An astounding 200! To me, that is A LOT! So, why not check out Paige's texts for the month? 5,012!!! Yes, you read that correctly, five thousand, twelve texts in ONE month....mostly between those angelic, sweet little girls from above!

Good gravy!!! I had a HUGE talk with Paige and she promises to limit the texts to a minimum of 5 per day. Geez...seriously, what could one have to say to their friends that they can't say at school, dance, church, gymnastics? I mean, seriously?!?

I have a feeling that this little preteen is going to keep me hopping! As I type, she is away at a "girl's night!".

I have created a monster! :)


Jodee Leader said...

No way! That is complete craziness! You definitely have a social butterfly on your hands!

Mireille said...

These little young ladies have a more social life than any of us adults do!! That is a huge number, but I am sure she is not the only one in her age group!!
Beautiful picture again!!

Sue said...

LOL! Oh my.