Saturday, May 28, 2011

Awards Day


Paige is now a 7th grader! WOW, wasn't it just yesterday that I was holding her hand and walking her into Kindergarten?

She has had a wonderful 6th grade year at EMS. We were nervous that her safe coccoon at ILE would come to a screaching halt at middle school, but that wasn't the case. They kept the 6th graders contained to one area of the building and gave them a little bit of independence, but not so much that they could stray too far.

As a sixth grader you cannot play any sports, but there were a few clubs that you could participate in. Paige was ALL over that. She is a born leader. She stands up for what she believes in and gives everything 110%.

She became a member of Cougars Don't Do Drugs and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She met early each Wednesday for CDDD and on Thursdays for FCA.

CDDD became a club that she really enjoyed. She loved the teacher sponsor and also really bonded with the kids who were in the club. This year, a few of the students competed in a county contest and Paige and three friends placed 3rd in the county for their project. Because of the placement, she was invited to the Honors Assembly at the end of the year. I thought there would be more 6th graders invited, but apparently it was only around 12.

The assembly was very nice. At her middle school, after an awards banquet, they allow the students to leave with their parents for lunch. They let them come back at noon. We took all the girls to Cr@cker Barrel and had a great time.

IMG_5318 - Copy
Waiting in line for her award.

IMG_5327 - Copy

Paige and friends! Aren't they cute? I might be biased, but I think they are precious.




Mrs. Poe, the Principal

Sassy chicks :)

Me and my girl!

Sassy sisters :)

Looking forward to 7th grade!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Be Yourself - Everyone Else is Taken!


Quirky, funny, kind, compassionate, sweet, tomboy, talented, stubborn, smart, dry, independent, clumsy, fiesty, God fearing, fun loving, and precious.

These adjectives describe my little sister. Anyone who reads my blog knows the love that I have for this child. I love her as if she were my own. When she smiles, I smile. When she cries, I cry.

Paige had an experience last week that made her question the adjectives that I used ot describe her and it made me sad. Things did work out in the end, with valuable lessons to be learned along the way.

Since the fourth grade, a little boy in Paige's class has been pulling the edges of his eyes to Paige. Her fourth grade teacher took care of it for us then. In fifth grade it happened again. We chalked it up to "boys will be boys" and he is just immature. Well, wouldn't you know, Paige was walking to the gym on Friday and said kid stood in front of her and wouldn't let her by. He started pulling at his eyes again. This time, Paige's little guy friend (yes she still has the SAME boyfriend...ack), came up to the boy and shoved him out of the way so that Paige could pass.

I picked up Paige and two friends from school Friday afternoon to take them to a sleepover. As soon as they got into the car, Paige said, "He did it again". I knew exactly what she was talking about. I listened to her. I heard the sadness and doubt in her voice. It broke my heart. Paige is extremely well liked by her peers and sometimes they make her head too big. She is so full of positive self esteem, but she was like a wilted flower speaking about the incident.

For the life of me, I couldn't let this go on any longer. In fact, I probably let it linger for longer than it should have. I took P and friends to the party and came home and looked in the school directory and got this child's phone number. I dialed it up without really planning how I would handle the situation. His mother answered and listened and listened. She didn't sugar coat the situation or make excuses for her son. She apologized and said that she would talk to him.

The phone rang an hour later and she asked if she could bring "him" over to speak to Paige. I told her Paige would be home after the sleepover and they could come the next day. Bright and early on Saturday, the mom brought her son over. She stood back at the bottom of our steps and this young man rang the doorbell. Paige opened the door and received an apology from a teary eyed little boy. He didn't look so big and bad standing there with all of the adults around.

I was so proud of Paige. When he apologized she didn't say "It's ok", because she told me it's not. She told him that it really hurt her and that he needs to be more careful with his actions. WOW! I was stunned. He agreed and gave her a hug. She smiled and told him "let's still be friends, k?" He smirked and agreed.

Do I think they will ever be the best of friends? No. Do I think he learned something? Maybe. Did I learn something? Yep! My girl is a sweetheart and is forgiving and stands up for what is right. I love her so much!

Her dance competition was this weekend. At these competitions, the vendors sell tshirts with the companies name on the front and dancers on the back. This time, there was one more option. The shirt she chose said, "Be Yourself. Everyone Else is Taken". I couldn't agree more!!!





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Saturday, May 21, 2011

More Dance!

I will be sharing LOTS and LOTS of dance pics in the weeks to come, because, well, that's all we do. I say "we", because it IS a team effort. My mom takes Paige to her 10 hours of dance a week, Paige dances, and I am on take home duty. Paige loves it to the core, but I think we are going to re-evaluate our priorities for her 7th grade year. She wants to run cross country and study more (YAY!). I don't like her to be pigeon holed into one extra curricular activity. ANYWAY, I digress... this week was "dance picture week" or as I so lovingly refer it, "The week from HELL!" Sorry about the explitives, just stating my feelings :)

Paige takes: ballet, jazz, intermediate modern, advanced modern, intermediate hip hop, competition junior hip hop, competition senior hip hop... and she is practicing for the opener and finale of the recital. This child does it all at the studio...except for tap. She detests tap dancing...she says the noise hurts her ears. I think she might be like her sissy and have some sensory issues.

So, not only did the child have to go to the studio in FULL make up and hair for ALL of these class pictures, but her teachers called dress rehearsals since they were fixed up. I felt so bad for the kids...they were TIRED!

Here are a few cute shots from the week. I have a ton, but I am going to surprise Paige with them in her memory book at recital. Hi Paigee Waigee :) xoxo Proud of you and all of your hard work!

ringmaster group

I was standing to the side of the photographer and this is blurry, but you get the gist of it. This is her advanced modern. It is an AMAZING dance!

ringmaster text
She is the Ringmaster in the dance. Doesn't she look scary?!? :)

Paige and bestie, Ava Jo. They have been dancing together since the first grade. SWEET ANGELS.

Here are Paige and Ava when they were in the second grade!!! PRICELESS!!!

group hiphop
Run this town dance... middle school besties!

In my most southern voice, I bug her and tell her she is so, "Gangster!". She laughs hysterically and tells me I am such a nerd! :)

Stay tuned for many more and some videos as well!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Alice in Twisted Land

alice4 text

The entire cast of Alice in Twisted Land :) I have been so behind in blogging, simply because our lives are crazy busy with dance (and school, work, etc...). Paige has really stepped it up in the dance department. She was offered an opportunity to perform with the studio's Senior dance company in their production of Alice in Twisted Land. The performance is A M A Z I N G!!!

They competed with this dance a couple of weekends ago and did such an incredible job. I never thought I would enjoy being a dance spectator, because quite honestly, I prefer sports, BUT, I am enjoying it more and more.

Paige likes to say that she dances, but don't refer to her as a "dancer". I think it's too girly in her mind. However, lately she has been changing her tune and thinks being a dancer is pretty cool.

Here are some cute pics of the kiddos, teens, and teachers from the competition.





Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Baptism


On Sunday May 1, 2011, Paige was baptized. I have never been more proud and my heart has never been as full. Throughout the confirmation, Paige asked so many questions, some simple and many profound. I had an idea that she was toying with the idea, but didn't push it. About a month before the Confirmation, she told my mom and I about her wishes to be baptized. We, of course, were over the moon. We made sure she was ready to make that decision and she was adament that it was the right thing to do.

We attend a Methodist church and she chose to be sprinkled. The water came from the Jordan River (how cool?) and she was given a wooden cup that was made from Jerusalem. She was one of three little girls to be baptized...all three girls have gone to school together since Kindergarten. It was a special day.

We had family and friends who are like our family attend. They helped to make our girl and us feel so loved! We sure do appreciate those in our life who support us. Here are some pics of her special day...

Our sweet family, minus my brother who HAD to work :( He is the only other person who can run his store and the other fellow was on his honeymoon.

Mark, Laura, Annslee, Coby, and Paige! Our other family :)

Paige and Mark. He is such a blessing to Paige. It makes me want to cry!

Loren, Ava who were fellow Confirmands with Paige

Her "girls" :)

Paige and Mrs. Betty. Mrs. Betty has been a staple, actually a backbone to our church for many, many years. She is one of most endearing, kindhearted, women you will ever meet. She puts the Lord in front of everything that she does. Mrs. Betty is in the fight for her life. She has brain cancer. She had been to most of the confirmation classes until she became quite ill. She did, however, attend the Confirmation and Baptism. She is who orders the water and the cups. She held each Confirmands hand, looked them deep into their eyes and told them, "Jesus loves you and don't you ever forget it". It was powerful. Please pray for Mrs. Betty. She is a precious soul.

This little beautiful girl is known on the blog circuit and just happens to be like a little sister to Paige. She chose to skip out on Sunday School and sit by Paige until after she was baptized. Miss Annslee is sooo darling. She is growing up right before our eyes. We couldn't love her more than we do. She and her family brought Paige the cross that the girls are holding, a bracelet, a necklace and a bookmark. Paige keeps the cross in her pocket everyday, even to school! Sooo special!

I LOVE this picture!!!

After church, we went and had a special brunch with many of our friends whose children were Confirmed at the country club. They had reserved the big, glass room (as it is referred) and we had such a lovely brunch. Here are some favorite pics...

My mom and sister-in-law

"The Guys" they are one silly bunch :)

The guys and girls



The girls being silly!...what they do best :)

Paige, Channing, Bethanny and Leah

Just a little funny...on the way to the brunch, Paige said "Arden got drenched when she was baptized. I guess she needed more baptizing than I did. Sometimes she can be a pistol" :) It wouldn't be a day unless Paige had something silly to say. We love her more than life itself and are so happy to know that she has God in her heart and we pray that she leads the best Christian life she possibly can!

Monday, May 9, 2011


For the past school year Paige has been in a Confirmation class at our church. There were 42 confirmands this year, which seems to be an awful lot of 6th graders to me. It also excites me to know end to realize that that many children are learning about God and living a Christian life.

I'm not going to lie and say that every Sunday morning was a breeze trying to wake Paige and get her out the door to church, but for the most part, she really enjoyed the experience.

Along the Confirmation journey she made a life changing decision and I will share that for my next post.

Here are some pics of the Confirmation practice...

Paige and her best friends. I am so happy that they went through this process together.