Saturday, May 21, 2011

More Dance!

I will be sharing LOTS and LOTS of dance pics in the weeks to come, because, well, that's all we do. I say "we", because it IS a team effort. My mom takes Paige to her 10 hours of dance a week, Paige dances, and I am on take home duty. Paige loves it to the core, but I think we are going to re-evaluate our priorities for her 7th grade year. She wants to run cross country and study more (YAY!). I don't like her to be pigeon holed into one extra curricular activity. ANYWAY, I digress... this week was "dance picture week" or as I so lovingly refer it, "The week from HELL!" Sorry about the explitives, just stating my feelings :)

Paige takes: ballet, jazz, intermediate modern, advanced modern, intermediate hip hop, competition junior hip hop, competition senior hip hop... and she is practicing for the opener and finale of the recital. This child does it all at the studio...except for tap. She detests tap dancing...she says the noise hurts her ears. I think she might be like her sissy and have some sensory issues.

So, not only did the child have to go to the studio in FULL make up and hair for ALL of these class pictures, but her teachers called dress rehearsals since they were fixed up. I felt so bad for the kids...they were TIRED!

Here are a few cute shots from the week. I have a ton, but I am going to surprise Paige with them in her memory book at recital. Hi Paigee Waigee :) xoxo Proud of you and all of your hard work!

ringmaster group

I was standing to the side of the photographer and this is blurry, but you get the gist of it. This is her advanced modern. It is an AMAZING dance!

ringmaster text
She is the Ringmaster in the dance. Doesn't she look scary?!? :)

Paige and bestie, Ava Jo. They have been dancing together since the first grade. SWEET ANGELS.

Here are Paige and Ava when they were in the second grade!!! PRICELESS!!!

group hiphop
Run this town dance... middle school besties!

In my most southern voice, I bug her and tell her she is so, "Gangster!". She laughs hysterically and tells me I am such a nerd! :)

Stay tuned for many more and some videos as well!


rgshrs said...

I don't know how you fit it all in! I think it's interesting that Paige detests tap. J wants to give up dance this year (or at least take a break) and it finally came out that what she really doesn't want to do is Tap. If she could just do ballet she would be happy. I'm a little conflicted about taking the year off but we will see how we are all feeling after soccer in the fall and go from there. Wishing you and Paige all the best through recitals and competitions!! Lots going on. Ours is next weekend and I will be RELIEVED when it is over. :)

Casey said...

Awesome dance pics!! Love them... the colors are so vibrant.

Sharon said...

SO awesome! Ummm, I can't even begin to imagine how much all of her costumes cost!