Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Baptism


On Sunday May 1, 2011, Paige was baptized. I have never been more proud and my heart has never been as full. Throughout the confirmation, Paige asked so many questions, some simple and many profound. I had an idea that she was toying with the idea, but didn't push it. About a month before the Confirmation, she told my mom and I about her wishes to be baptized. We, of course, were over the moon. We made sure she was ready to make that decision and she was adament that it was the right thing to do.

We attend a Methodist church and she chose to be sprinkled. The water came from the Jordan River (how cool?) and she was given a wooden cup that was made from Jerusalem. She was one of three little girls to be baptized...all three girls have gone to school together since Kindergarten. It was a special day.

We had family and friends who are like our family attend. They helped to make our girl and us feel so loved! We sure do appreciate those in our life who support us. Here are some pics of her special day...

Our sweet family, minus my brother who HAD to work :( He is the only other person who can run his store and the other fellow was on his honeymoon.

Mark, Laura, Annslee, Coby, and Paige! Our other family :)

Paige and Mark. He is such a blessing to Paige. It makes me want to cry!

Loren, Ava who were fellow Confirmands with Paige

Her "girls" :)

Paige and Mrs. Betty. Mrs. Betty has been a staple, actually a backbone to our church for many, many years. She is one of most endearing, kindhearted, women you will ever meet. She puts the Lord in front of everything that she does. Mrs. Betty is in the fight for her life. She has brain cancer. She had been to most of the confirmation classes until she became quite ill. She did, however, attend the Confirmation and Baptism. She is who orders the water and the cups. She held each Confirmands hand, looked them deep into their eyes and told them, "Jesus loves you and don't you ever forget it". It was powerful. Please pray for Mrs. Betty. She is a precious soul.

This little beautiful girl is known on the blog circuit and just happens to be like a little sister to Paige. She chose to skip out on Sunday School and sit by Paige until after she was baptized. Miss Annslee is sooo darling. She is growing up right before our eyes. We couldn't love her more than we do. She and her family brought Paige the cross that the girls are holding, a bracelet, a necklace and a bookmark. Paige keeps the cross in her pocket everyday, even to school! Sooo special!

I LOVE this picture!!!

After church, we went and had a special brunch with many of our friends whose children were Confirmed at the country club. They had reserved the big, glass room (as it is referred) and we had such a lovely brunch. Here are some favorite pics...

My mom and sister-in-law

"The Guys" they are one silly bunch :)

The guys and girls



The girls being silly!...what they do best :)

Paige, Channing, Bethanny and Leah

Just a little funny...on the way to the brunch, Paige said "Arden got drenched when she was baptized. I guess she needed more baptizing than I did. Sometimes she can be a pistol" :) It wouldn't be a day unless Paige had something silly to say. We love her more than life itself and are so happy to know that she has God in her heart and we pray that she leads the best Christian life she possibly can!


Casey said...

Wonderful pictures of a joyous event!! Congrats to Paige.

Mireille said...

Such a precious and special day for you all! Congratulations Paige!!

Jboo said...

How very sweet! What an amazing and wonderful day! Love your incredible photos!