Friday, May 13, 2011

Alice in Twisted Land

alice4 text

The entire cast of Alice in Twisted Land :) I have been so behind in blogging, simply because our lives are crazy busy with dance (and school, work, etc...). Paige has really stepped it up in the dance department. She was offered an opportunity to perform with the studio's Senior dance company in their production of Alice in Twisted Land. The performance is A M A Z I N G!!!

They competed with this dance a couple of weekends ago and did such an incredible job. I never thought I would enjoy being a dance spectator, because quite honestly, I prefer sports, BUT, I am enjoying it more and more.

Paige likes to say that she dances, but don't refer to her as a "dancer". I think it's too girly in her mind. However, lately she has been changing her tune and thinks being a dancer is pretty cool.

Here are some cute pics of the kiddos, teens, and teachers from the competition.






Mireille said...

What an honor for Paige to be included in this great group of dancers!! Wow, and the pics are AMAZING!! The costume are fabulous and also the make-up, what a professional performance this must be!! I wish I could fly over and see this live!! But that would mean a trip of 30 hours....

Michelle R Photography said...

Oh my goodness, what awesome, colorful & fun pictures of Paige & Co.!!! How special that she was asked to perform in this. It looks like such fun!!! I am sure you were one very proud sister!!! Way to go, Paige!!!


Christine said...

I covet these photos! SIGH.... LOVE THEM.

(I also gobbled up all the baptism and first communion photos too though!)

Karen said...

Hi there !!! I LOVE these pictures and I have a question... was the makeup done profesionally, and if not, what type of makeup did ya'll use? Our dance studio's big production number this year is based on the circus... we need to do some cool makeup like this... any suggestions? Thanks, Karen, NY

SJF said...

Love the pictures, they all look so cute, and their makeup ios TDF!

Sharon said...

Does it get any cooler than this?!