Saturday, August 20, 2011

Seventh Grade

Sigh! Wasn't it just yesterday that I was holding her little hand walking her into Kindergarten? Paige is growing so fast! I know everyone says that all of the time, but sometimes it is scary how quickly time slips by.

Paige has been in school for two weeks now, so I am awfully late on first day pics. I've been busy with school starting up as well.

Per tradition, Paige attended the annual Ellis Cougar Breakfast for her friends. She has so many girls that she calls friend. She is blessed, but I think they are pretty blessed to have her.

Here are a few of my fav pics from that morning...

Paige and JM...these two are best of friends and have a stare down contest everytime they get together...goofy girls :)

6:30 a.m. I don't know about you, but I sure didn't look that cute when I was a 7th grader!

So sassy...


Pretty typical of this crew.


After school that day, we all took the kids to lunch so that they could unwind and of course for the cute photo ops :)




This has been a great year for her already. She got the team that she wanted (blue) with lots of great teachers, she is being challenged academically, she has lots of friends in her classes.

She was so excited to be a seventh grader, because they can play sports. She is a great runner (she runs a 7 min. mile!). She tried out, along with 60 others, for the Cross Country team. Because so many tried out this year, they had to make an A team and a B team. The A team is the competitive team. Paige made it!!! She is sooo excited. She has her first meet next Saturday.

I think this is going to be an amazing year for her!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Counting our blessings

This past Wednesday is a day I'll never forget. Paige had been invited to go to a waterpark in our area with a friend. I knew the friend through dance, but had never met her family. I have friends who know the mom and dad and always so spoke highly of them. I knew the little girl was very sweet, so I didn't have too many reservations. Besides, I was just going to be running errands that day, so Paige wouldn't enjoy that.

The last thing I said to her when she left for the waterpark was, "Be careful. Have fun! I love you".

Fast forward six hours and I am home cleaning. The phone rings and it's the mom who Paige went to the park with. She said very calmly that there had "been a little accident" ... those words are the ones that you never want to hear. She said that Paige was en route to V@nderbilt hospital via an ambulance and we should get down there asap. I.FREAKED.OUT!!! As I got into my car, the EMT called and said they had changed their mind and were taking her to a closer hospital. I took that as a good sign and said I would meet them there. About five minutes went by and the EMT called me back and said the hospital turned her away due to the nature of the accident and to meet them in the ER at V@nderbilt Children's Hospital.

At this point, all I knew per the EMT was that her vitals looked good and that he thought she was going to be ok, but couldn't tell me much more.

I got across town in record speed and flew in the ER. The lady at the front desk said "Who are you here for?". I said, "Paige ... " she ran me back to her room, because she saw how frantic I was.

As I entered Paige's room, she was lying flat on her back, hooked up to IV's and was red from crying. She couldn't lift up her head, because they had her restrained. They were trying to keep her still before they took her back to xray.

I have never been so scared in my entire life. When I walked in, she started crying and said she was hurting. Her eyes looked very hazy and I knew she was scared. I kissed her and told her she would be just fine.

In the meantime the mom and Paige's friend arrived at the ER. Both were absolutely hysterical, so I had to calm them down :/ However, after hearing about what happened, I can now understand why. Paige was on a ride where it looks like a giant skate ramp. You go down one side 20 feet and go up the other side 20 feet. You land in the middle in a puddle of water. Apparently, per Paige's little friend, the teenager who was working the slide pushed Paige's raft before she had planted herself in it. The raft took off without her and she fell ( air born ) 20 feet to the bottom where she rolled up the ramp and then rolled back down. The lifeguards pulled the sirens and rescued her.

Turns out all that baby endured was a concussion and full body contusions. The doctor in the ER said she was a living miracle, because per the EMT report, she should have had a broken neck or back.

My baby was able to walk (slowly) out of that ER and enjoy a frosty and hug from a new teddy bear and actually went to school the next morning.

Everyone who knows Paige knows she is a TOUGH COOKIE. She is stubborn and that will serve her well in life. However, I have NO DOUBT that God has BIG plans for this child of ours. She will do big things. Blessed!