Saturday, July 31, 2010

National Dance Day!

There seems to be a day devoted to just about everything these days and dancing is no exception! Today, I was perusing FB (FB stands for, ya know that social network where I get on and plan to spend 10 minutes and then end up spending two hours? ... yeah, that one!) and I found out that it was National Dance Day!

Sooo, what does one actually do on this day? Well, you grab your little in the house and you put on some tunes and you shake what your mama gave ya :) Paige and I did "the butt", "twisted and shouted", the hand jive, the macarena, the running man and many other dances. We danced to Michael Jackson to Etta James. We swung and slided and serenaded and sang into the brush. We had a BLAST!

I highly recommend getting up every now and again and busting a move!

Here are a couple of my favorite dance videos...some from Paige's recital to some that just make me smile!!! Enjoy, NO WAIT.... DANCE!!!!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Where did my filter go?

Has anyone seen my filter? Ya know, the filter that lives underneath your tongue, in your mouth? It seems that mine is gone and I am just letting my thoughts roll off my tongue these days!

My mom once told me "one day you are going to grow up and find your voice and you will not just stay quiet because you don't want to rock the boat". Well, my friends, that day has come and I feel like a!

I could list the occassions in this past week alone where I have either spoken out for the underdog, or said...are you ready for this??? the word "NO" without any explanations, or given my opinion on something when I usually would have stayed silent or walked right on by someone at the pool who would normally keep me in conversation for close to an hour and I would know everything about them except for their blood type...while I am DYING to get away and spend time with Paige.

I feel great!!! Priority life, here we come :)

No longer are the days of nodding my head in agreement, biting my tongue, or being the "yes" girl.

My life is just as important as those that seem to take my time, without apology, and then don't bother to ask how my day was or how my sweet family is doing. So if you call or see me out and I seem in a hurry, it's because I am. I am in a hurry to spend time with my mom, Paige, brother, sister-in-law, friends whom I adore and love. When you think I am being rude, ask yourself why. Why does she seem different...the answer might shock you.

DONE, GONE, Bye Bye Miss DoorMat!!! :)

Mama said that there would be days like this, my mama said :)

***disclaimer*** I am still a very sweet and sincere person, however, friendships and commitments and all of that jazz is a TWO way street, ya know? My time is just as valuable as others and I intend on spending it with people who TRULY have my best interest at heart! :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Party planning fun!

It's that time of the year again for our family...Paige's birthday! Since she is our one and only, we tend to go a bit overboard. She didn't have a party, per se, last year...just a little sleepover, but THIS year, she is turning 12! It's a big year for her.

She has two friends that share a birthday within the same week, so the moms and I decided to pull our funds together and have a joint bday party. We met last night to plan and boy, all I can say is, it's going to be a doozy!

The girls know about the biggest surprise which is... a stretch Hummer is taking them and their guests out for an evening of fun and TONS-O-SURPRISES!!! That is all they know. Since Miss Paigee Poo reads this blog from time to time, I can't post details here until after the event.

Here are the pics that we are using for their invitation and for some other surprises...I think they are so precious!

Ava, Loren and Paige


My personal fav! We are saving this one for thank you cards!

I think I am more excited than the girls!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Been too busy to blog

Well, I can't believe it has been this many days and I haven't blogged. We've just been so busy enjoying our summer. We've done a lot of sleeping in, going to the pool, enjoying new movies, lounging around, trying new restaurants, going to camps, getting braces, hanging with friends, fixing up classrooms, etc... whew, NOT a boring summer. I have loved every minute of spending time with my mom and Paige. We have giggled all summer over the silliest of things. A new favorite, and yes perhaps a bit much for our "almost middle schooler" is, watching the Bachelorette. We (mom, Paige and I), all have distinct favorites and none are the same. Paige's fav went home last week. My fav. better come out the new Mr. Ally :)

Here are some snapshots of our summer. None are edited or fixed up...kinda tired of doing the whole photog thing lately. It's too hot :)

Look who got braces :) Isn't she adorable???

She went to a sleepover and didn't go to sleep...I had a camera in her face trying to make her laugh and wake up. I'm such a pest! :)

He learned to get on the beds...SOOOO NOT COOL Marley Moo!!!

Cutie pie cheesing it up before dance! I am sorry that I am bias, but I think she is soooo stinking cute in her new "metal".

Wiggling her eyes. I swear this child can do the strangest things, like cross one eye and let the other one roam or she can make a four leaf clover out of her tongue...Weeiirrdd! ... always good for a laugh, though!

Such a tween!

Spending time with dear friends who are like family... LOVE THEM!!!

Jumping for Joy with her bestie...ok, I snuck one edited pic in :)

What have you all been up to????

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

I have been so busy the past week going to workshops, playing taxi driver to the empress and friends, getting together with friends and doing a couple of photoshoots that I forgot to edit my own black and white. So, while there really isn't a great story behind this pic, I just love the photo and the girl in front of the that story enough??? :) Hope so, 'cause it's all I got this week! Hope you all are having a fantastic summer, filled with fun, sun and laughter...I know I am :)

She's pretty adorable, huh? To see more adorable children and beautiful black and whites head on over to Lisa's pad :)

Monday, July 12, 2010


besties in frame

So, as I look at this picture of two of the worlds most darling best friends, I reflect upon my own friendships and I how much I value my "besties".

Today I met my four best girlfriends for "lunch". We met at our fav. little restaurant that has the most charming atmosphere with the yummiest food around town. We met at 11a.m. and didn't walk out of the restaurant until 3:45 p.m. We giggled, caught up on each other's lives, shared prayer requests, cried a tad (we're such saps), gossiped a little (ok, maybe a lot, but not at the expense to hurt anyone :), shared sangria and reminisced about the funny things we did growing up.

I love these girls like sisters and I am so incredibly blessed by their friendship. We have watched each other get married (I am still waiting on that honor), have children, get hired and sometimes fired from jobs, shared recipes, drank "mama drinks", vacationed together, called each other at midnight to laugh or cry and have been each other's rock at one time or another.

I am feeling extremely grateful today for my many friendships, but especially for my besties!

My only hope is that Paige can share the same joy with her friends as I have with mine.

Life is not complete unless you have good friends to share it with!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's inevitable...

for web

Dear P,
You are growing and changing everyday. At almost 12 years old, I see less of your little girl self and more of your young lady self. I predict that middle school will be enjoyable for you, as you are a good friend to all. I hope that you don't fall prey to peer pressure or "mean girl" behavior. You have a beautiful heart and love for your fellow human. Just last night as we went to see Toy Story, you had such compassion for the little girl sitting a few seats down from you. The little girl seemed so sad at parts of the movie and you would look at her and smile sweetly and then whisper to me that you felt bad, because she was sad.

You are THE funniest character I have.ever.met! I can look at you and you will immediately strike one of your funny poses, keep a straight face until I bust into laughter. I love the person you have always been, the person you are and the person you will be.

You make it easy to be your sister! Thanks squirt! Keep on with ya bad self! ha ha






Inevitably, you are growing and changing and I am so proud of you!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fourth recapped...

My beautiful mom joined us for a picnic at the pool and decided to stay and watch the fireworks (which were great btw).

Paige and friends enjoying the water :)

Cheering for their relay team!

I wish I had rhe width on my blog to show this entire pic...the look on P's face as she tells a story and how the girls were intently listening made me laugh... :)

Waiting on their relay team. They are always so smiley :)

P and T

Paige and her besties...and their ginormous sunglasses :)

We had a nice fourth and hope that you and yours did too!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

Well, didn't take me too long to be gone from blogdom. While truthfully I had a scary comment, it wasn't the main reason I chose to close down shop. My blog had become sort of a place for others to come, look at pics and leave a sweet comment, but then go to FB and discuss what I or my friends were posting about. Ya know, that's quite silly indeed. I have had this blog long before I met my online "friends" and I am certainly going to have it for a lot longer. That said, I have made some very dear friends (you know who you are, because at one time or another, I've told you so).

So, now that that's out there...I will begin blogging again, but only about things that I think are blog worthy and not for the dog and pony show that appears to be spreading like wild fires. If you like what you see and read, continue on, if not, well, kick rocks :) All this big and bad attitude to say: " I really value the friendships I have made and don't want to lose them! So, let's carry on, shall we?

My good friend Lisa does a Black and White Wed. Tonight I had three pics that I wanted to share and I would like your feedback which you prefer! Don't say, "Oh, I love all three". Be specific...sound fun??? Ok, I give you the color version

#2heADshot wm

and lastly,

Saturday, July 3, 2010

What we've been up to this summer...

After recital was over (which was great, btw), we have been busy, busy, busy. We have been spending most of our days lounging by the pool. Paige has done a basketball camp and is gearing up for Sea Star camp this coming week. I have been laying out and getting my tan on :) A few people have commented and said that I was "too" tan :? Not too sure if one can ever be too tan, but maybe I should lay off a bit. Mom's cousin from Decatur, Alabama passed away and she was sad to hear it, but rode up with Francine and Kaitlin and had a great time seeing Alabama family.

Here are some pics of the things we've been doing...MOSTLY pool pics :) Oh, and of course, the obligatory photoshoot :)


Having fun on the diving board :)

Paige and buddy since Kinder, Arden

Tori, Paige and Delaney

After Haleigh's sweet 16 party!

Paige being such a cutie! Love the warm pretty!

My pretty girl ... LoVe!