Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

Well, didn't take me too long to be gone from blogdom. While truthfully I had a scary comment, it wasn't the main reason I chose to close down shop. My blog had become sort of a place for others to come, look at pics and leave a sweet comment, but then go to FB and discuss what I or my friends were posting about. Ya know, that's quite silly indeed. I have had this blog long before I met my online "friends" and I am certainly going to have it for a lot longer. That said, I have made some very dear friends (you know who you are, because at one time or another, I've told you so).

So, now that that's out there...I will begin blogging again, but only about things that I think are blog worthy and not for the dog and pony show that appears to be spreading like wild fires. If you like what you see and read, continue on, if not, well, kick rocks :) All this big and bad attitude to say: " I really value the friendships I have made and don't want to lose them! So, let's carry on, shall we?

My good friend Lisa does a Black and White Wed. Tonight I had three pics that I wanted to share and I would like your feedback which you prefer! Don't say, "Oh, I love all three". Be specific...sound fun??? Ok, I give you the color version

#2heADshot wm

and lastly,


Captivus said...

Love it! Love your blog layout too :) Glad I stopped by!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

HOORAY!!! You are back and I am so happy:) I know you have only been gone a short while, but you have been missed and I was really bummed to think that you were DONE with your blog!! You know that I look forward to each and every post:)

Now, your beautiful photos of Paige...... Tough choice, but I think I am going to say I like the color best!! She is gorgeous and I love her expression....her eyes say so much and I really like the touch of red from the flower!!

Which one do you think you like the best?

Hope you girls are enjoying your summer....I am so envious of your carefree pool days!! I kind of wish I was a teacher so I could enjoy my summers off with the kids:)



Nf1andprek-whisper said...

i love the way they came out.. beautiful

My Little Monkey said...

I love #2..... although I really do like the color one I think that #2 captures the "attitude" or the "mood"..... great pics as always.

Gail said...

Well I for one am so happy you are back to blogging! I was very sad when you went private though understood your reasons, Missy.

My favorite is the last picture, the light on her face is beautiful and I love how it drops off gradually getting darker with the blur. It's a stunning portrait.

And the dog and pony show on FB...well you probably already know how I feel about that one, so I don't have to say anything.

Have a wonderful Wednesday Missy!

Life with Kaishon said...

Hi Missy : )
I think the way you are blogging is the very best way. I mean, really, who cares what other people think about your life? That is just RIDICULOUS! I am glad I don't know what other people say about me. I just post about our real lives. Whatever parts I want to : ) I don't just show all of our perfect and happy moments because well....that isn't always how we are : ) I don't mind when people do post that way though, to each his own, right? : )

I like the second picture in this series because I have really been loving sepia lately. I think her eyes are amazing in the image. She is a beauty!

Have fun blogging. Welcome back.

Rebecca said...

Hi Missy! Here from B&W Wed.. I love the B&W one (#3) best. I think her eyes look overdone in the sepia version, but the B&W one is more dramatic than the color one. But it's a cute photo no matter what!

Heather said...

My favorite is #1! Of course, they are all good, but you did say to choose! (Just sayin'!)

So glad that you are back! I had just made myself a note yesterday to send you an e-mail asking to be included in the private blog. Not needed now. Glad to see you are all enjoying your summer. We are too. It's just going way too fast. We will be back in the classroom before you know it!

JinXiu said...

love the shot in any process but it takes on such a wonderful artistic feel in the last one. what a beauty

Christy said...

I love #2 ... her eyes just seem to pop in that one! beautiful!

Lisa said...

Paige is gorgeous! So glad you are back! I love looking at your photos and reading your posts. You have posted many things that have helped me regarding adoption and how to deal with situations.

Jodee Leader said...

Welcome back!

You go girl! You know who your real bloggy friends are! However, my husband calls them my "imaginary" friends!

I love the third picture!

Lisa said...

Geee that stinks! But, I am glad I stopped by. I like your blog!

Your photos are beautiful....Your daughter is beautiful and that I think makes a beautiful photo. I think I like the color one.

Kate said...
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Love Letters To China said...

This is my first time visiting so I'd like to say "hello". My 7 yr old daughter happen to be looking at your blog while standing next to me and she loved the first one with the red flower. I like it too, but I'm somehow drawn to the second one. The eyes really seem to be mesmerizing.

Gorgeous photos! Glad I stopped by.


Wanda said...

Ohh..hard choice. I loved the color immediately but #3 is the winner for me. I love the tones. Just beatuiful.

Christine said...

Yay!!! You're back!!!

I didn't think I would love any photo more than the first one... but then I got to the third shot and I was a goner. That tone is awesome.

Marla said...

So glad you're back Missy!!! I think I like the color the best, I love her gorgeous eyes.

I'm with ya on the FB thing, just drop and block anyone who's creating drama, that's what I did and it's so much nicer there now. :)

Ellie said...

BEautiful photos. I love them all (really!) but if forced to choose I'm going with the second because the sepia in that just makes her eyes pop. Can't wait for more posts from you!