Saturday, July 31, 2010

National Dance Day!

There seems to be a day devoted to just about everything these days and dancing is no exception! Today, I was perusing FB (FB stands for, ya know that social network where I get on and plan to spend 10 minutes and then end up spending two hours? ... yeah, that one!) and I found out that it was National Dance Day!

Sooo, what does one actually do on this day? Well, you grab your little in the house and you put on some tunes and you shake what your mama gave ya :) Paige and I did "the butt", "twisted and shouted", the hand jive, the macarena, the running man and many other dances. We danced to Michael Jackson to Etta James. We swung and slided and serenaded and sang into the brush. We had a BLAST!

I highly recommend getting up every now and again and busting a move!

Here are a couple of my favorite dance videos...some from Paige's recital to some that just make me smile!!! Enjoy, NO WAIT.... DANCE!!!!!!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Who knew that there was a National Dance Day!! Sounds like you girls had some serious fun bustin a move:)

Enjoy what is left of your weekend.....they always go by so quickly....



Christine said...

Happy Dance Day! Spencer and I had a blast watching these and he was dancing right along side the girls in the first video!!!

(And when the statement about the lights was made he went "oh no!" and slapped his hand on his forehead...)