Monday, July 26, 2010

Party planning fun!

It's that time of the year again for our family...Paige's birthday! Since she is our one and only, we tend to go a bit overboard. She didn't have a party, per se, last year...just a little sleepover, but THIS year, she is turning 12! It's a big year for her.

She has two friends that share a birthday within the same week, so the moms and I decided to pull our funds together and have a joint bday party. We met last night to plan and boy, all I can say is, it's going to be a doozy!

The girls know about the biggest surprise which is... a stretch Hummer is taking them and their guests out for an evening of fun and TONS-O-SURPRISES!!! That is all they know. Since Miss Paigee Poo reads this blog from time to time, I can't post details here until after the event.

Here are the pics that we are using for their invitation and for some other surprises...I think they are so precious!

Ava, Loren and Paige


My personal fav! We are saving this one for thank you cards!

I think I am more excited than the girls!


Jboo said...

What a great idea! I can tell that party is going to be one for the books! Those girls are adorable! Have fun!


Colleen said...

Oh, those girls are darling! Glad you are all having such a great, relaxing summer. I can't wait to read about the birthday surprises!

What have I been up to? Changing diapers and making bottles. But I'm not complaining! :)