Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's inevitable...

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Dear P,
You are growing and changing everyday. At almost 12 years old, I see less of your little girl self and more of your young lady self. I predict that middle school will be enjoyable for you, as you are a good friend to all. I hope that you don't fall prey to peer pressure or "mean girl" behavior. You have a beautiful heart and love for your fellow human. Just last night as we went to see Toy Story, you had such compassion for the little girl sitting a few seats down from you. The little girl seemed so sad at parts of the movie and you would look at her and smile sweetly and then whisper to me that you felt bad, because she was sad.

You are THE funniest character I have.ever.met! I can look at you and you will immediately strike one of your funny poses, keep a straight face until I bust into laughter. I love the person you have always been, the person you are and the person you will be.

You make it easy to be your sister! Thanks squirt! Keep on with ya bad self! ha ha






Inevitably, you are growing and changing and I am so proud of you!!!


Casey said...

What a sweetheart!! Em felt sad during parts of that movie too! :)

She is just so beautiful and sounds like she has a heart of gold!! Lovely pictures!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

It is inevitable that they are growing up..... I am seeing and dealing with so many of the same things with Nick. At times it is hard to watch our "babies" maturing into little adults, but it is also so very sweet to see that they are using the morals and values that we have tried to instill in them.

There is no doubt in my mind that Paige is and will be a good girl..... we can all see the special bond that you two share and in my opinion, she has one of the best role models.....YOU!!!

I love all these pictures of your sweet sis......she is gorgeous... as is the sunlight.

Hope you two continue to enjoy the rest of your summer. I am afraid it will be back to school time in the blink of an eye:(


Gail said...

Beautiful heartfelt letter to your sister. You are so blessed to have each other, Missy!!!

And the pictures are fabulous. The first one is my favorite!

Have a great rest of your weekend.

Norah said...

You probably are getting sick of me saying this, but I just LOVE the relationship you have with Paige. Love it!