Saturday, May 28, 2011

Awards Day


Paige is now a 7th grader! WOW, wasn't it just yesterday that I was holding her hand and walking her into Kindergarten?

She has had a wonderful 6th grade year at EMS. We were nervous that her safe coccoon at ILE would come to a screaching halt at middle school, but that wasn't the case. They kept the 6th graders contained to one area of the building and gave them a little bit of independence, but not so much that they could stray too far.

As a sixth grader you cannot play any sports, but there were a few clubs that you could participate in. Paige was ALL over that. She is a born leader. She stands up for what she believes in and gives everything 110%.

She became a member of Cougars Don't Do Drugs and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She met early each Wednesday for CDDD and on Thursdays for FCA.

CDDD became a club that she really enjoyed. She loved the teacher sponsor and also really bonded with the kids who were in the club. This year, a few of the students competed in a county contest and Paige and three friends placed 3rd in the county for their project. Because of the placement, she was invited to the Honors Assembly at the end of the year. I thought there would be more 6th graders invited, but apparently it was only around 12.

The assembly was very nice. At her middle school, after an awards banquet, they allow the students to leave with their parents for lunch. They let them come back at noon. We took all the girls to Cr@cker Barrel and had a great time.

IMG_5318 - Copy
Waiting in line for her award.

IMG_5327 - Copy

Paige and friends! Aren't they cute? I might be biased, but I think they are precious.




Mrs. Poe, the Principal

Sassy chicks :)

Me and my girl!

Sassy sisters :)

Looking forward to 7th grade!


Jboo said...

YAY for Paige! What a great 6th grade year! Am sure 7th will be even better! Have a great summer!!

Hey -- will you be in the Hilton Head area around the middle of July? Meeting my sister and her family and her travel group (all the girls in her travel group are 12). Think about it!! :)


3 Peanuts said...

Paige looks so beautiful and so grown up. Congratulations to her on a fabulous year!!!

paige said...

yay paige!!!
love your cute shoes & your cute dress
& all your goodness.
you are doing to do great things in 7th grade!!
ps-you have such cute friends too

have fun!!

Kate said...

Congratulations to Paige on such wonderful choices...and extra nice that she got an award on top of it!

The girls ARE precious...and off to a great start in their teenage years.

...and Cracker Barrel??? Awesome!!! Jim and I had the best Thanksgiving dinner there once when we were on the road...I still talk about it...better than my mom's!!


Denna said...

Time does go by to fast. I love the pictures. Her and her little friends are beautiful. Looks like they had a nice time together.