Tuesday, June 23, 2009

All she wants to do is dance, dance

So, last week we were consumed with dance recitals. Besides doing photoshoots for other families, I went a little photo happy with my girl and her special friends from the week. We had some great guests come and support Paige. Lala's kiddo, Annslee, was a superstar! She looked so cute in her little lollipop dress. She and I had fun screaming for Paige during the recital. Annslee is a little rock star whooo hooer...she is too, too cute. Her daddy, Mark, was a little unsure of the night's festivities with all of the makeup and midrifs showing, but I think he secretly had a good time :) Laura, we appreciate you guys coming more than you'll ever know!!!

Here are some cute pics and a couple videos, too :)

these girls are known as "the fab four" :)

avery, paige and hayden

annslee and paige

annslee putting her new skills to good use...sweet!

sweet friends: suzanne, laura, annslee and mark (with paige)

my favorite pic!!!

Here are two more videos from the evening! Paige was in the opening act, also, so here is a clip from that.

*****All of these videos are from rehearsals, not the recital. She was way more into it the night of the recital. They don't allow flash photography or video during the performances, so we have to wait for the dvd's of the recitals.*****


Marla said...

How fun! Tell Paige she did an awesome job!!

Hope y'all are enjoying summer!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Awww....she did so well...and looks so cute!! What a fun week for you girls......but I am sure you are relieved that it is all over and now you can enjoy your carefree summer!!

Talk to you soon!!


Anonymous said...

I am so loving the sequined hat!! Hope you can relax a little now! :)

a Tonggu Momma said...

Love this - she is quite the dancer! But I know how tiring those recital weeks can be. Heh. (I'm also loving your southern accent. A tad jealous over here. Just so you know.)

mommy24treasures said...

So glad Paige had fun!

rgshrs said...

So much fun!! I can see why that last picture is your favorite!!! ADORABLE! I hope you have that one framed for Paige and Annslee:)

Shawnstribe said...

you guys are rocking!!!!
great fun, have a wonderful summer

Jennifer said...

WOW.....Paige was Awesome!!!!

I love seeing the video of the rehearsal. We had our dance recital 2 weeks ago. Katie was so cute and I did ok.


Donna said...

She is amazing...and so are your photos!