Sunday, January 18, 2009

What we've been up to

I told you I was a worrier, but what I didn't tell you is....I get it naturally! We bought
Paige a new trampoline for Christmas and when I came home from work the other day, this is what I found. Paige has to wear protective goggles to jump...hee hee! She doesn't seem to mind, though : )
Sidenote from Paige: YoYObloggers.... I look chubby. thanks sis .No really U shouldn't have.
Anywho check out my shades .Don't mind my chipmunk cheeks!It wasn't a great veiw.
My sis is making me stressed right now . P.s she's right here not there here.
I know it makes no since just enjoy happy times.
Cya later
We went and visited with our dear friends, LaLa, Annslee and Coby. OH MY WORD...I am in LOVE with Annslee and Coby!!! Annslee is such a fun and animated little girl and is so flippin' funny. She had me in stitches. Coby is THE cutest baby boy I have ever seen and now I officially, desperately am wanting a baby boy. I did get some pics of him, but they were blurry :( Trust me when I tell you that this little love is as cute as his big sister...daaaaahhhling (Laura, that one's for you!)
Paige and I went to eat hibachi and it was sooo yummy! Laura advised me to get the squid, but I didn't venture out that far (Laura we'll have to do this one night). However, I did get to spend
some quality time with Miss P. Doesn't she look darling in her glasses?

Paige and Ashley Elizabeth (American Girl doll), both sporting their new specs. Too cute!

Please tell me that your children (school age) are as into the computer as Paige. OMG...
she is OBSESSED with Club Penguin. I promise you she would have to go to Club Penguin rehab in order to get over this addiction. I think she gets it honestly, though, as I love blogging and Facebook. At least we share a computer and so the time is limited for both of us. Again, I need to get off this silly thing!

Happy Birthday Dr. King!!! If it weren't for you I wouldn't be able to enjoy the many different students in my classroom every single day! I love them and I love our country!!!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

How cute is she jumping on the trampoline in her protective glasses!! When it comes to worrying, I am going to venture out there and say like mother,like daughter...LOL!!

Sounds like you girls had a wonderful weekend and a great visit with Lala and the gang....I am glad you are all having some fun this weekend!!

You can tell Paige her new glasses are very stylish and she looks fabulous wearing them!!

Enjoy your day off....we'll talk soo:)


a Tonggu Momma said...

Missy ~ Love, love, love your last sentiment there. And tell Paige she looks very sophisticated in her glasses. She picked her frames well.

Heather said...

I LOVE her glasses. Awww Missy, she is a cutie-pie!

So glad you got to spend such beautiful time with Annslee, Coby and Laura, such a blessing to have precious friends.

You know where I am on the worrying and God and I are working it through:)

Have a fabulous week.

Tracy said...

Cute pictures. My niece (10) is obsessed with Club Penguin too....she is so obsessed that I recognize the name of the game even though I have no idea what it is because she talked about it at least a million times when I was in Arizona.

Colleen said...

Paige is adorable in her glasses! Love 'em. Looks like you two have been busy having fun!

Kerry said...

Wow- I am loving Paige's new glasses. She looks so beautiful and hip (ok- do they say hip- prolly not!) I shouldn't asked my sis first. Well- she looks stylish for sure.

So glad that you are enjoying a long weekend with your best girlie. Hugs and enjoy one more day off.

Jodee Leader said...

Paige looks adorable in her new glasses! I am going to have to check out Club Penguin (I have never heard of it)!

Enjoy your day off tomorrow!

rgshrs said...

Paige looks just FABULOUS in her new glasses! Very stylin'! Missy I too am addicted to blogging and Facebook (in case you couldn't tell. lol).

Hope you all continue to enjoy your long weekend!

Colleen said...

Oh my goodness she looks so cute jumping on the trampoline in her protective glasses. My daughter Livi just got glasses and when she saw your daughters protective glasses she said "Mommy I want glasses like those" LOL
Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with Miss Annslee ...she is a hoot!

Super Mommy said...

Paige is a cutie in her new glasses.

My kiddos aren't so into the computer games yet - but they are younger than Paige . . . seems like she is taking on some of your addictive traits??? LOL

day by day said...

Paige looks great with her new glasses!! Tell her I just had to start wearing glasses and although it is taking a bit of getting used has been wonderful to be able to see! : )

Anyway...she looks great!!!

Colleen said...

Ohhhh she looks so adorable and stylish in her glasses! I hope she is adjusting to them just fine. Looks like she is!
Enjoy your day tomorrow!

Sherri said...

Paige looks fabulous in her glasses! So grown up!

And how cute how those chipmunk cheeks! ♥

Jboo said...

Hope you and Paige have a great day off today!!

She looks so cute in her glasses and how sweet that her Amer Girl doll has some too! At our house, Mickey Mouse wears a hearing aid! :)

Sending you and Paige and the rest of the family best wishes for a great week!

Felicia said...

What a fun weekend you had. I absolutely love Paige's glasses. They are so cute and hip on her.

mommy24treasures said...

what fun! I am so jelous of you spending time with Mr Coby! He is just darling!!!! Annslee and Coby are such a perfect pair~
I love seeing Paige enjoy her time with them.
Paige is beautiful in her new glasses. Good choice on frames!~

Donna said...

Paige looks so great in her new specs! Sounds like you all had a wonderful weekend!

Marla said...

LOVE the new glasses, what a great look! And as for the jumping on the trampoline, well, I broke my arm falling off one of those suckers, so my poor kids will never have one. I'm the queen of over-protective worriers. I'm super jealous that you get to see LaLa, Annslee and Coby!! How fun!

And Paige, you don't look chubby, you look adorable, just like you always do. ;)

MandM Mommy said...

I want to jump on the trampoline with paige :0)Her glasses are very cute, she is such a cutie pie.

Bridget said...

Well I didn't think Paige could be any cuter - but she looks adorable in her new glasses - I love them! Sounds like a fun weekend! Hope you are enjoying your day off. I enjoyed your tribute to MLK. Have a great week!

The Byrd's Nest said...

I LOVE her new glasses....very feminine and grown up!

I am so jealous you got to go and visit Annslee and Coby and Laura. I would LOVE to meet Annslee...she is such a little firecracker!

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

She looks daaaaaahhling in those glassses( wanted to use the cool kids lingo! ) :)

They suit her so well. And love that the doll has the same cute specs!


Leslie said...

Love...Love...Love Paige's new glasses. She is adorable in them. Also, what a nice thing to say about Dr. King. Show's what a kind women you really are Missy.

EllieNat said...

Paige's sidenote is a crackup!

Please tell her she looks very classy in her glasses.

kerri said...

Oh Paige, you are just rocking those stylin' glasses, I just love them!!
I love the last photo LOL..

Chris and Deb said... are one stylin girl!! Love, love the new glasses! They look awesome on you!

Julia said...

Paige, you are STYLIN' girl! Did you know my Lib's always wanted glasses? All her cousins wear them so she's quite sure she's missing out. I love yours, they look made for you!


Jennifer said...

Love all the pictures on this post. Sounds like you had a great visit with Annslee and Coby.

Paige's glasses are adorable.

My niece and nephew are obsessed with Club Penquin too.


3 Peanuts said...

Just playing catch up here. LOVE Paige's glasses. They are so cute. So sorry your Dad was not alive to see President Obama make it to the White House. I know you miss him dearly.