Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bullet Sunday

  • I am so happy this is a two day work week! Waaa hoooo!!!
  • Life has been super busy lately with work, school, dance, photo sessions, editing, Christmas shopping. I love being busy, but honestly, I am ready for some pj days.
  • I bought Paige her first pair of skinny jeans today...sigh! She looks so darn cute in them with her UGG@. I am 35 and don't even own any UGG@... now I see what I put my parents through with wanting name brands. Ridiculous!
  • Thought I saw my dad the other night and for a brief second, all was well with the world. When I realized it wasn't him, I cried like I had just lost him. Will this EVER get any easier?
  • We are spending Thanksgiving with two sets of family friends and feel sooo blessed by their friendships. I love that I have so many people in my life that I love like family. It helps when you have a small little family like mine.
  • School is getting to be a bit much as of late. Lots of unnecessary behavior problems. It's really sad that I spend the majority of my day putting out fires. I love my little babes, but with so many of them and so many different needs, I feel that I am not making the difference that I usually do.
  • I only have 15 1/2 more days until Christmas you have any idea how happy that makes me???

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are blessed beyond measure... I know I am!


a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, Missy... I am so sorry about your dad. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my FIL's passing. It doesn't get easier, does it? *sigh*

EllieNat said...

Last week was the 6 year anniversary of my Dad's passing. It is still strange after all these years to not have him around during the holidays. I still expect to see him at my Mom's Thanksgiving table.

Sorry to hear you are spending so much energy on behavior issues at school. (Oh, how I remember the days!!! :) Hope the students mature in the next few months and your days get easier.


Jill said...

Missy, I feel for you about your dad. Day to day life does get easier, but every once in awhile there will be a moment that will bring you to your knees in tears. I had one just last month-Lucy was in gymnastics and I was outside watching. A man walked by who resembled my dad a bit, usually no big deal, but as he passed, I smelled his cologne and it reduced me to tears. I couldn't shake it for a day or two. Don't know why it hit me so hard...
Only 15 1/2 days til Christmas break???? Are you kidding me??? I need to get moving! LOL!
Enjoy your 2 day work week and some PJ time! You deserve it girl!
Hugs, Jill
(PS..TOTALLY get you about the UGG@!! Lucy and Vivi both have them..I do NOT! Hmm, what is wrong with this pic! LOL!)

Jboo said...

Hi Missy -- wow you are so busy -- sorry to hear that your kiddos at school are not behaving! I'm sure that was so hard to see someone who looked like your Dad.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with all the special people in your life!


Courtney said...

I am loving the two day work week two. I haven't started the Christmas break countdown but I am sure that it is pretty close to yours. As for your class, I feel your pain, as I had a class like that last year. Take comfort in knowing that I didn't see the change then, but I have seen it this year with those same students. You are paving the way for great things!

Heather said...

Missy, I am right there with you. Christmas break cannot come fast enough. I have a very challenging class this year behavior wise & I often feel like I'm not up to par in my teaching as well. I just pray for a lot of patience & understanding!

Got a good laugh about the skinny jeans. I went shopping with a girlfriend a couple of weeks ago to get her daughter some skinny jeans. Let me just say, Zoe better hope DG (Doll*r Gener*l) sells them when she's older, because there's no way this mama is paying $78 for a pair of jeans! Ain't gonna happen.

Hope you have a good Thanksgiving with wonderful friends. I'll be thinking of you!

elizabeth said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh sweet is so terribly hard to lose a parent especially suddenly. I love you girl and continue to pray for you.