Sunday, March 14, 2010

Can one have too many friends?

Paige has recently witnessed me having some friendship issues. She has seen that friendships have their ups and downs. I have many friends. I'm not saying that to boast. It's just the facts. I have a hard time being ugly to anyone and therefore I suppose people feel comfortable with me and I make new friends. I am very social. I got that quality from my dad. He never met a stranger. He was ALWAYS the life of the party. People flocked to him. I loved that about him.

Very recently, I have had some bumps in the road with friendships. It's upsetting and Paige, believe it or not, was my little counselor. I tried to keep her oblivious to the situations, but she is too perceptive.

She asked me, "Do you think it is possible to have too many friends?" She then went on to say, "You have to juggle all of those different women's personalities" haha. She is so wise!

I look to Paige and see how she handles her many friendships and have decided to take a little bit away, no A LOT, away from how she approaches friendships. She LOVES her friends, but she is who she is and she feels that they can take her or leave her. She is a person magnet, but she never changes who she is. She is sweet, kooky, funny, dry, compassionate, kind and quirky.

Who said you can't learn from kids! So the answer to the question, can one have too many friends?..... I don't think so. I think it's learning to be yourself and staying true to who you are and if they remain your friend, then that's just groovy! :)

Here is Paige being fun, quirky, happy with her many friends!

I adore this pic. We were at Paige's school festival. These girls are not that great of friends in the classroom. When I pulled out my camera to take Paige's pic, these girls were standing around and Paige pulled them all in and said, "Come on girls! Let's have a group shot". After this, the division seemed to be much less obvious. Thata girl!

hailey and paige
Freestylin' with a dance buddy before their performance.


paige dancing
Dancing like no one is watching :)

hailey paige ava
Paige with a dance and school buddy.

paige and ava
Paige and Ava. These two have been dancing together for six years. They also go to school together. They are yen and yang. Paige is loud, boisterous, outgoing, silly. Ava is quiet, introverted, kind, and conservative. Yet, they are such good friends. I love how they compliment one another.

paige and olivia
Don Juan and Olivia :) haha

paige and molly
LOVE everything about this photo. Paige had just gone and spent her tickets on purchasing "junk" in the prize room. When I saw her, I just laughed. I said, "Let me get your's and M's pic". She immediately struck a pose...and look at M's face! haha

paige and sambo2
Later that afternoon with her furry best friend, Sambo!

Can we have too many friends? Nah! :)


Michelle said...

Oh, that girls is wise beyond her years. She has already learned what so many have yet to learn. She has the right attitude entering middle school, and then high school. Yikes!! I always enjoy seeing her dance pictures. And that moustache... hilarious!!!

I hope you have a great week. I hear you have a new sassy do. I WANNA SEE IT!!!!


Colleen said...

I love this post Missy. Paige is such a bright girl with such a great attitude. Her personality reminds me so much of Faith's. I always feel like i am catching a glimpse of what Faith will be like in a few years.:)
Have a wonderful week!!

rgshrs said...

I think you have one very wise little sis and Paige is lucky enough to have a big sis smart enough to listen to her! ;)

These pics are absolutely great to show Paige's FUN/FUNNY side! That girl is a riot.

Just one more comment, Friends are the people who love you for who you are and would never ask you to change but may sometimes help you grow. Everyone else is an acquaintance. Sometimes telling one from the other can be hard, sometimes it's more obvious. No, I don't believe you can have too many friends either. Love the post Missy!

Keep listening to that brilliant girl! LOL :)

Jodee Leader said...

Wow! Paige is one smart cookie! Cute pictures!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Perfectly said Missy!! I love Miss Paige's attitude..... Michelle is right, she is wise beyond her years, but that does not surprise me with a big sissy like you watching over her and guiding her along the way!!

Adorable pics of your sweet girl!

Hope you had a fun weekend. I am counting down the weekends until I head your way....Yahooooo!!! I might have to pack the shaker for this trip.....LOL!!

Luv Ya,


Heather said...

I SO needed this have no idea! Thank you , that is all I will say, thank you!

Love you,

Marla said...

Awwwww, I love these shots of your girl!!! She is very wise, it can be hard to juggle lots of friends, but it sure is awesome to have them!

Norah said...

Her and her friends are all so cute, and pretty!

3 Peanuts said...

This spoke to me Missy. I have no doubt that you would have a lot of friends. You seem like such a good listener and compassionate person.

Like you Missy, I have a lot of friends. Friendship is very important to me so I have always had a lot. I have seen it be problematic in that as I try to be a good wife and Mom to 3 kids, sometimes I do not have time to nurture all of my friendship the way I would like to or the way I used to and that is a huge challenge and it can cause me great stress. I do not like feeling as though I ought to be giving more to friendship but there are only so many hours in day. SO while, i always continue to make new friends. I only get really close to a few at a time because I cannot be a good super close friend to a lot of people AND be a good wife and Mother too.

I am sorry you have had some ups and downs. I have learned over the years that when that happens it is often due to insecurity, jealousy or issues the other person has within themselves and it come to surface eventually. Sometimes, it is best to have some distance and things work out.

Hope you are enjoying Spring Break. LOVE these photos of beautiful Paige!!!!

Shawnstribe said...

i'm taking a leaf out of her book Missy
thanks for a great post!!!!!!

EllieNat said...

Wise big sister makes for a wise little sister!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Your little sis? Is wise beyond her years.

Mireille said...

Not the real friends who take the good and bad!! Great pictures, love the snap shots!!