Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So many milestones...and counting!

Paige and friends after they performed their hip hop routine in their school's talent show. They were so good! I went to the same elementary school and was in the talent show every year, as I was, ahem...a ... majorette :) Hey, don't knock it :)

I love that her peers love her so much. When they were announcing the girls' names, I beamed with pride when they said Paige's name and the crowd roared. I just wish you could all know her. She is such a funny kid. Her sense of humor is dry and she is so funny and silly and NEVER takes herself seriously. She is a great friend to everyone and I was tickled to hear the crowd cheer for her in such a big way. I beamed!

These four cuties were in Kindergarten together. I am not going to lie and say that everything was hunky dory with this group. There are two that were the "mean girls" and would often pick on Paige when she was little because of her speech. They would also make fun of her being from China. I'm not trying to show all of the bad here, what I want to focus on is that these girls have really grown up and are now great friends to Paige and love her for who she is. They have all grown up and matured and it does my heart good! Forgiveness is one of Paige's most wonderful traits. I could learn a lot from her.

Here is Paige and her friend, Meghan, before the Just Say No dance. This is an annual dance that is held for the fifth graders at the end of the year. I was asked to be the photographer for the evening so I got to be a fly on the wall....sooo fun :)

Silly kids!!! I mean, just look at all the different facial expressions :)

Paige and her bff's. No matter what, this kid always ends up being picked up! lol


Paige and Molly...friends since second grade! Two peas in a pod!


Gangs all here!

Stay tuned...big graduation is coming up Friday!


3 Peanuts said...

Well, you id a great job as photographer for the dance! That is awesome that Paige can forgive and forget and I loved hearing that the "mean" girls grew up too.

Casey said...

Oh to be young!! :)

Great photos!!

elizabeth said...

Paige sounds like such a neat kid, the kind we'd all love to have for a child (or a little sister) =)

I'm a little late commenting, but thanks to you and Paige for doing those interview questions about what it's like to be adopted! I was so impressed by her insight and maturity level and by how she can have a very positive sense of self esteem while remaining humble and not taking life too seriously. I think many adults (myself included) could learn from her!