Saturday, April 2, 2011

Girl with many faces

So, I generally post posed, edited, serious pics of Paige. While I love those, that is only one teeny tiny side to her personality. She is suuuch a trip! She talks nonstop and is a clown...clown, I tell you! Here are some favorite memories as of late:

  • She still calls things "ImportNant". She doesn't realize that she is making a mistake and who am I to tell her? It's CUTE!

  • Last night she told me that she only wants to adopt and wants boys. Girls are TOO much trouble. haha

  • She has a boyfriend and talks about him nonstop. Tonight they are going in a big group to the movies. Remember my last post where I said "a simple hello in the hallway?" Yeah, not so much! Good news is that five of us adults are going to the movie, too, and are sitting ohhhh about two rows behind them :)

  • She is a tomboy to the core. She dislikes all things pink, girly, fru fru, or prissy.

  • Her friends all wear make up. Paige, no, she wears a little foundation on blemishes and chapstick... atta girl :)

  • She loves modern and hip hop, but detests and I do mean DETESTS ballet. She is only sticking with ballet because that is a required class in order to take modern (her love) and jazz.

  • Little sister can move like nothing I've ever seen. She has gained confidence this year and others are noticing. I am proud of her.

  • She spends way too much time on her ipod touch. She loves the game, "Angry Birds".

  • Her favorite food is ramon least she'll be content in college, right?

  • She'd prefer boyfriend cut jeans, an Abercr@mbie tshirt, and sperrys any day.

  • Her ears are pierced, but she doesn't wear earrings.

  • She pulls the skin off of her thumbs. They look like she was in a fire. She does it while she sleeps. It concerns me.

  • Her voice is getting deeper and she is sounding and acting more and more like a teenager. Stays up late and wakes late as well :/

  • She likes to get to school at 7 a.m., even though it doesn't begin until 7:30. She goes to talk to her friends.

  • She is one of two sixth graders who are in the Cougars Don't Do Drugs club and doesn't care if it's not "cool". She went and competed with other schools last weekend and had a blast.

  • She wants to be a basketball player sooooo badly! She walks, talks, swaggers, dresses, looks like and moves like a "baller", but the child can't make a basket to save her life. She is short and that bothers her.

  • She is looking forward to running cross country for her school next year and continue on with dance.

  • She asked me to buy her a purity ring for Easter! She said she didn't want to "kiss" until she gets married.....PRECIOUS~!

Here are some straight out of the camera pics of my girl! Love her!










Mireille said...

Loved this post Missy, to read more about Paige's personality. But then after reading this post I like the bottom pictures better, since it suits her personality better! She doesn't like the frilly stuff, so the first pictures SHE doesn't like as much either I guess??

my3 kids said...

Paige is such a beautiful girl both inside and out. We have't dealt with a "boyfriend" as of yet but I am sure it's not too far

Sharon said...

Greatest post ever!

Amy Lafayett said...

I love reading all the things you wrote about Paige. I love that she is part of the CDDD club!! I was so excited when I saw her name on a couple of the entry forms for the Battle competition. I also saw your mom that Saturday and introduced myself. :)

Get that girl her purity ring and hold her to that promise!!! You are a wonderful big sis, Missy!

Christine said...

Such a great post ... the tidbits and the photos! Spencer loves the ones with the orange hat. He keeps pointing at Paige and saying "Her be my friend?!" :-)

rgshrs said...

Love the post Missy. and Haha J steals my phone as often as she can to play Angry Birds... we are thinking we are going to skip the gameboy and go straight to the ipod for her bday, I'm tired of wondering where my phone is! LOL ;)
Paige is such a beautiful girl, full of fun, she is growing up so very quickly, what an amazing person she is becoming:)