Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So, I realize that a night out downtown for dinner and a concert doesn't sound all that bad to do with a few moms and daughters, right? Would you still think it was ok if the said concert was Britney Spe@rs? My mom about had a hissy fit when I told her that I was taking Paige, but after a lot of convincing, I got my way.

I have been a fan of some of the most ridiculous entertainers ever as I have grown through the years. I guess it is a quirk of mine that I thoroughly enjoy wonky, kooky types of singers, bands, etc... I love Britney. Paige has grown up listening to "some" of her songs while I drove her to and fro and has developed a liking to her songs, too.

Sooo, my girl is turning 13 next month and I thought it would be fun to surprise her with tickets as an early bday gift. She was so excited, but I think I took the cake with the excitement factor.

I am friends with some great gals whose daughters just happen to be some of Paige's bffs. We jumped at the chance to spend some girl time together. For those of you who have ever visited Nashville, you know it is truly a happening and alive city. We went to eat dinner at The Hard Rock, Nashville and the girls had all of the tables around us singing Britney songs. My daredevil sister decided to start the bandwagon of "planking" after dinner. For those of you who don't know what planking is, google it...so random! Here, in all of her glory, is Paige "planking" aye yi yi!


We had a "rockin'" waiter. He was playing Britney songs for the girls and would get them up and dance with them. Too cute!


As for the concert, it was ALL THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS!!! She sang some of her best older songs and the best of her newest. Actually, I don't think she "sang", rather did an amazing job of lip syncing. We didn't care, though, as she is one fierce dancer and so are her back up dancers. Paige and I danced and sang the night away. I had a BLAST!!! The night reminded me of when my mom took me to see NSync when I was younger.

Paige woke up this morning still talking about the night. I'll never forget it either.

IMG_7873 - Copy



Fellow in the red, teaches hip hop workshops at Paige's dance studio and is SUCH a nice, Christian guy. Who'd a "thunk" it?!

As a side note, there weren't any curse words or anything too suggestive throughout the entire show. I was impressed!


Jboo said...

Wow -- what a fun time!! Looks like a blast! You are the sweetest big sis ever!! Maddy and I went to a Tayl@r Swift concert last month - awesome -- had no idea that concerts are now like Vegas shows! So fun! Hope you are enjoying every bit of your summer!


Sharon said...

Girl you rock! And so does Paige with her planking!