Friday, February 13, 2009

Father/Daughter Breakfast

It's funny how kids minds work and what is important to them and how they perceive loss in different ways. I'll never forget the day of my dad's funeral, Paige leaned in close and buried her head in my chest and said "I'll never get to go to daddy/daughter breakfast again". Of all the things to be thinking about on the day we laid my dad to rest, but that was important to her. That statement opened my eyes to the things she was feeling. It broke my heart.

Today has been one, that I had been dreading, for an entire school year. It was going to be another slap in her sweet face that she didn't have a daddy on earth anymore. Of course, like we tell her, she will always have a daddy...he's just in Heaven.

Throughout this year, we have developed an incredible friendship with a special family. The mom and I are great friends and I adore her. Their daughter and Paige have developed quite the big/little sister bond and Paige would stand up for this angel if ever need be. She loves her. They have this precious new baby boy that will melt your heart in ways you cannot even begin to imagine. He is THAT cute. Then, the dad. The dad is a very friendly, outgoing man. Not one of a ton of words, but is gentle and sincere. Paige took to him like nothing I have ever seen before. When we are out at functions, she is either hanging out beside him, sitting in his lap or jumping up wanting to be held. He has thrown the football with her, teased with her, laughed with her and has been a special friend.

Paige woke up awfully excited today, because it was the Father/Daughter breakfast. You see, she got to go, because her special buddy wanted to take her. She didn't have to dread this day afterall. It was a morning filled with smiles, good conversation and (hopefully a decent breakfast). Paige showed off her special buddy and her special buddy obliged in the sweetest of ways. She took him to meet her teacher, show him the building....poor special buddy is probably exhausted right now.

Special buddy is the daddy to these wonderful kids and precious mommy!

We love you guys more than you can imagine. I know this might have just been a little something in your eyes, but in the eyes of our family, it was the one of the biggest somethings ever. Our heart is full today and we know that my dad would thank you from the bottom of his heart for loving our girl!


The Byrd's Nest said...

Gasp...I know that Daddy! Oh God is soooo good....what a sweet sweet man to do this with Paige. I am so happy I am in tears.

LaLa said...

Oh Missy~ I had no idea how important to Paige this was. Mark had a GREAT time and enjoyed doing it. So happy Paige had fun too. Now of course she is stuck with us : )

Leslie said...

OMG Missy, you have me bawling my eye's out. I'm so glad that this wonderful father took time out of his day, so Paige could have her Special Day. I don't know what it's like not to have a father, and I wish you both didn't either. I am truly sorry for your loss, but glad God has placed special people in your life to help make things easier. Loved the pictures....thanks for sharing such a tender hearted post with us. Now I need to go pull myself together.

Happy Valentines Day to you and your family.

mommy24treasures said...

awww LaLa and family are the sweet sweet sweetest, but then again so is Miss Paige and I am sure he felt it an honor to go with such a beautiful girl with such a sweet heart.
I am so glad to read the post below too Missy.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

This is the sweetest, most special post I think I have ever read.....I have tears running down my cheeks!!

I am so glad Paige was able to go and have such a wonderful friend accompany her......he is definitely a winner! Those pictures just say it all....he is truly a special man. I am sure your Dad was smiling down on them!!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day my friend....this post made my night!


Tracy said...

What a great story-I am glad Paige was able to enjoy her day. You are lucky to have such great friends!

Kerry said...

Oh my goodness- of course I am crying and can barely see to type this. What wonderful friends- Laura and Mark are. I can only imagine what an emotional day today was- to be there for this amazing girl- to allow her to celebrate- what a sweet gift.

Now that is a great father. And I know that you are right- and yours is smiling up above tonight.

Mom to the King and Captain said...

Ugh...this post made me cry. So happy for Paige. What a great Daddy. :)

Jennifer said...

How sweet! I got chills from this post. I truley believe family is who you make it.

I am glad Paige had a great time.


rgshrs said...

OH Missy, that is just the sweetest thing! I'm so glad that Paige still got to have a very special day. I think we are all blessed by the friends we find. Online, in life, where ever they touch our lives in ways they may never know. God gives them to us when we most need them. Angels, friends, family what ever you want to call them. :)

Jodee Leader said...

I, too, am sobbing. I am so glad Paige had a great time with your special friend. What a sweet guy!

Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Jboo said...

Missy-- what a sweet post. Love the photos of Paige and your Dad! And your friend --he truly is a great guy. Have a happy Valentine's Day!


kerri said...

Your one incredible guy for taking time to make this a special day for Paige, thank you.
Glad you went to the breakfast and took your special buddy,by the look of your beautiful smile, you had a wonderful time..

Colleen said...

Well, as soon as I saw the title of the post and then Paige with Annslee's daddy, I just started crying. Didn't even need to read the story to get me going. What a beautiful gesture.

Heather said...

Oh my - I knew before I even began reading who that daddy was...what a tender, sweet, special, wonderful, blessed relationship that is. So happy she was able to enjoy the father/daughter breakfast. You are such an amazing sister - wish I would have had one of you. Thanks for a post that touched my heart.

Love you guys!

Michelle said...

Ok, so I read this in tears and scrolled down to read your good... no AMAZING... news. How sweet of Laura's husband to go with Paige. What a blessing to have such wonderful friends.

Super Mommy said...

How sweet - Paige looks so happy!!

Sherri said...

That is so wonderful for Paige! I'm sure she thought of and missed her dad but thankfully she had someone special to be there with her.

Denise C said...

OK...I am absolutely sobbing right now! WOW! What a beautifully written post ...I can actually sense the fullness of your heart, my sweet friend! Wow...what a precious family the Wares are! I am so glad that Paige has such a "special buddy" to do the father/daughter stuff with! She will treasure the times they share...and I know...that your daddy is smiling down right now! :)
Love you sweet dear friend!