Sunday, February 1, 2009

Here we go Steelers, here we go!

Paige is PUMPED and ready to root on her team, the Steelers. We wish we were cheering for the TN. Titans, but maybe next year. She was invited to go over to Annslee and Coby's house for the party. I am SO sad that I am not feeling well enough to attend. Laura, take some pics for me : )

Hope you all have fun on this SuperBowl Sunday!!!


Heather said...

As much as I think Paige is cute in her Pittsburgh Steelers jersey, I must say that we are rooting for the Arizona Cardinals this Super Bowl.

Having cheered for Kurt Warner when he was in St. Louis (close to where we live) we are thrilled to see him experience another Super Bowl. He pretty well got the shaft in St. Louis.

(I guess you Tennessee fans are probably NOT fans of Warner because of when he led the Rams to victory over the Titans?!) I know, the pain still hurts!!!

Enjoy watching the game. Zoe & I have decided we are not getting out of our pjs today. We're both fighting the crupe so we're taking it easy. You take it easy today also & get to feeling better!

Jodee Leader said...

I love this picture of Paige! It is sooo cute!

As you know, we are hosting a Super Bowl party today, and I honestly didn't even know who was playing until a couple of days ago! Have I mentioned that I usually can't even find the ball -- even on TV?! I am simply here for the good eats!

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Marla said...

Oh my! Look at that game face!! :) Hope she has fun with LaLa and fam, I'll be watching for pics.

Hope you are feeling better soon, Missy.

Jboo said...

Woohoo!! Am also rooting for the Steelers since I once lived in PA! Paige is adorable in her jersey!

Hope you are feeling better soon. Take it easy! Watch that game -- the commercials have been hilarious, so far!


Norah said...

She looks like a model in this picture! Love it!

Super Mommy said...

Not a big football fan - but love the photog of Paige . . . hope they win for her!

Sorry you're still not feeling well Missy. We'll continue to pray for ya!

Kelly Green said...

Congratulations!! I'd normally have rooted for them - but since I'm a Arizonan...I had no choice. So close but so far. Steelers did play a better game tonight!!

Maddie was yelling "Go Cards" and then went and got her flashcards. That's my girl!

Hope all is well :)

LaLa said...

We had so much fun having Paige over...can't really figure out her Steelers love though?? She is such a sweetie...hope she and your mom had fun!

EllieNat said...

YEAH STEELERS! (My husband is from Pittsburgh--very exciting day in our home today!)

Hope you are soon feeling better!

kerri said...

Missy, hope your feeling better, thinking of you...

Jennifer said...

Since I am on the Steelers bandwagon, I am loving Paige in this Jersey!

cute picture!