Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Update on my last post...

Thank you, friends, for your sound advice and encouragement. I have made a decision and one that I am at complete peace about (thanks Kim for the great comment...I got it ;)

I am going to finish out my school year and do sessions only on the weekends. I am going to take this year and learn all that I can learn, save LOTS and LOTS of money and take a leave of absense next year.

In my school district, you can take a leave for a year and will be guaranteed a position at your school. If you take more time than that, you lose that option. I feel really good about this decision! Sooo, that's that :)

On to bigger and better things: we have been very busy and are thoroughly enjoying the beauty that Fall is bringing with her ! I love the crisp, cool weather, changing leaves, fall decor, Halloween and all that it brings.

It looks like Miss Paige might have to get her tonsils out in the next month. She continues to get recurring strep throat and her tonsils are swollen to the point that they are "kissing" each other. She has been a trooper, but is running temps often :(

On the cat front...we have six, beautiful baby kittens. They were born on my brother's wedding night. How's that for an eventful evening. Mama cat is just a kitten herself, but is loving and caring for them just like she should. Paige and I play with them a little too much and mama cat is moving them all over the house to keep us away from them. We got the message and now only pet them when the mom is away :) I have found homes for 3 of the 6, so I still have some work to go!

I'll post some new pics soon! Have a great week :)


Julia said...

Oh how I wish we could take one of those kitties!! Unfortunately M is allergic (or at least she was when she was younger and I don't think that goes away, does it?) I would so love a kitty again one day.

LaLa said...

Congrats on your decision. I took a one year leave..then a second one...and never went back LOL


Thinking of kitties here. I would love one but only outside and I couldn't deal with the possiblity of something happening to it (and having to tell Annslee)

rgshrs said...

Congratulations on your decision, if you are so at peace I'm guessing it's the right one!:) Good for you! and good luck as you continue on with things this year!

As for Miss Paige, thinking of her, and hoping she feels better soon. It's no fun having chronic sickness, I hope if she has the surgery it clears everything up for her:)

Shawnstribe said...

Missy i'm sure it wasn't easy, but i'm so glad you can now take some well needed time and space to create and explore.
Happy fall and i wish youcould photograph my babe

kerri said...

congrats on your decision,good luck wishes with your new adventure. ;)
So sorry Paige is having strep throats and fevers, hugs..

Courtney said...

I think that is a wonderful decision.

Leslie said...

Great Choice Missy. It will be great to see How God blesses you and your business.
Hate to see that Paige is not been feeling 100%. Does that mean your not coming to KY????????

Colleen said...

I think your plan is excellent, if I do say so myself ;)

Jboo said...

Very wise decision I think! You are one smart cookie and brilliant photographer! Wish I could take a kitty, but someone has their heart set on a dog next year!

Take care. Can't wait to see more of your photos!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Wonderful plan my friend!! I think it is very smart.....I completely forgot that teachers can take a sabbatical.

Sorry to hear about Miss Paige and her kissing sounds like it will do her good to have them taken out!

You need to photograph the kittens:)

Tracy said...

you should check out it's a pretty humbling experience but really pushes you to be the best you can be before going into business. Once you hang out there for a while out of focus pictures, color casts and limb chops will jump right out at you!

3 Peanuts said...

Congratulations Missy. That sounds like a GREAT plan. I feel so glad that my comment helped in some way. I do believe that though.

So sorry about the tonsils. It is a LONG road of recovery. Kate's were touching too and it was a full 2 weeks off school and about a month til she was completely back to herself.

I will pray for her. Have LOTS of popsicles on hand...they say that ice cream is bad as it makes too much mucus.


Casey said...

Congrats on your decision. It sounds like the best of both worlds and you will have plenty of time to reflect and decide within the year. I wish you continued peace!

And congrats on the kittens!

Michelle said...

Sounds like a great plan!! Taking a one year leave is great! I don't think most districts have that. And teaching jobs are VERY difficult to get here. Wise decision, I think. You'll get to do both things that you love between now and the end of the school year and see how much you love full-time photography next year. I just know you will excel in both areas!

a Tonggu Momma said...

That sounds like a WONDERFUL plan, Missy. You (and Kim) sound like really wise planners! I'll be rooting for y'all next year as you take this very big step. And congrats to your sis on joining the hip hop competition team. Oh, wow!

Sue said...

Sorry to hear about Paige's tonsils. Alexa has kissing tonsils too and they won't take them out unless she has sleep apnea. I will be following closely to see what happens with Paige.

Congrats on your decision, it sounds like a great plan!
Sue : )