Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Wooo Saaaa!!! That has been our mantra at school for the past three weeks. You see, I have never had a classroom with over 20 students before. This year, I am blessed with 24 precious kiddos, who are full of energy and eager to learn. I adore seeing their bright and cheery faces daily, but honestly, I don't feel like I am doing them any sort of justice, as they are not getting all of my undivided attention. To make matters worse, I have coworkers who aren't getting along very well :( That added tension to a day that is already hectic, makes for some stress that I just plain don't like.

While I LOVE my job and adore kids, I sometimes don't like working with adults. Do you ever feel that way??? Why can't we all just get along?!? :)

I am so excited about the next two weekends. This Labor Day weekend we are jam packed with grill outs and swim parties and fun, Fun, FUN!!! I can't wait to have a fruity "mama drink" (as Paige refers to them) and enjoy time with family and friends.

Next weekend is THE big event. My sweet, baby brother is getting married. I just thought today, no more will he come home and visit us as just "my" brother. Now, he belongs to someone else. It's weird, as he has always been my little buddy. I hope that Laurie will love him and take care of him. If not, well, I'll cry! Ha Ha :) She's a sweet girl and is crazy about him and he is crazy about her. To be in love again! (Maybe someday :)

Can't post without a pic. Here is my latest play on textures!
Have a great remainder of your week!

paige textures


Jill said...

WOW!! She is looking like a teenager!

Hope things get better at work Missy! You are right..can we not just all get along!

Hugs, Jill

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Gorgeous image......she is such a beauty, and I love what you did with the texture...very cool!!

Sorry to hear that you are feeling a little overwhelmed with the size of your classroom.....I don't know how you do it. I have a hard time handling my two at times, but 24....YIKES!!!

Sounds like you all are very busy....it must be so exciting with the wedding ahead. Can't believe it is happening NEXT WEEK!!

Enjoy those fruity Momma drinks.....have one for me:)

Luv Ya,


Norah said...

Gorgeous. I'd love to have a 'fruity Momma drink' with ya! : )

Sherri said...

When I worked the only part of my job I hated was the whining and complaining of my co-workers. Some people are never happy no matter what I guess.

Paige is growing up! She's gorgeous in that picture.

Jboo said...

Gorgeous photo of sweet Paige -- such a beauty, inside and out! You have some fun weekends ahead --think I need one of those fruity drinks too! Hoping things improve at work for you!


Casey said...

Oh... I hear ya on working with adults. I taught high school for five years and I swear the worst part was the attitudes of some of the teachers. Like you said... wish we could just all get along!! But the classroom was always a blast.

Love the photo!!

MandM Mommy said...

Gorgeous photo! Sounds like you have some busy but fun times ahead. Enjoy your weekend!

Colleen said...

You've never had a classroom over twenty students before??? LUCKY! I never had one under twenty students! I think twenty-eight was my highest number and it was miserable. (It becomes less about learning and more about classroom management.) Good luck with your twenty-four!