Monday, December 28, 2009

Ice, Ice Baby

So, lame title, but that's what comes to mind when I think of our fun outing to the Ice Spectacular at Opryland. Artisans come in from Harbin China every year and sculpt ice into a wonderful scene. This year, the theme was Charlie Brown Christmas. It has been a tradition for my best friend of almost 25 years and I to take the kiddos and then out to eat. We had SO much fun this year. Her children are 15, 6 and 3. We let the three year old stay with her daddy and we took the older kids. I can actually say that we all enjoyed each others company and there weren't any fights or crying fits or diaper changes...ahhhh! I've waited for these days to come and they are here! Don't get me wrong, I love little ones, but there is something so fun about really enjoying spending time with the bigger ones. I love Paige being this age (on most days :) lol.

Ryan, Paige and Haleigh at the entrance to Ice. FYI, it was minus 4 degrees inside. BRRR!!!!

Silly kids! Why is it that when children reach a certain age, they MUST throw up the peace signs???

Such a cutie's ok that I always say that, right?!? I'll never stop telling her how wonderful she is...haha. It never hurts to have a number one fan, right?

Ryan and Paige at dinner. Ryan was so hilarious and kept on telling Paige she was a "hottie". Rut ro!

Paige received a cell phone for Christmas and she was trying to teach Ry the basics of texting. Santa created a MONSTER! Thank goodness for unlimited texting plans :)

Tracy and I. We have been friends since we were 11 years old. I am soooo blessed to have a handfull of friends that have been by my side for over 20 years. I treasure these special friendships and feel so blessed by these sweet girls. Tracy and I were the dynamic duo in high school and in college. She is the one friend that I have the FUNNIEST memories with. She is the friend that when I tell stories to Paige about what NOT to do, well, let's just say Tracy and I were always in those stories. We weren't bad kids, but if we could get a laugh, we'd try our darndest. One of my favorite memories is of us dating two friends in college and while the guys went out for a "guys night" we thought it would be funny to break into their apartment and rearrange their furniture (at 3 a.m.). Needless to say, we didn't date the guys long, as they didn't share our sense of humor! :) She's grown into a wonderful mother, wife and friend and I am proud of the person she is. Who'd a thunk it?!?


Julia said...

Are those figures behind the kids made out of ice?? That's amazing, I absolutely love seeing photos of the Harbin Ice Festival, I had no idea they did some work in Nashville too. Good to know for next year! So happy for y'all that your friends were there to share such a good time with. :-)

Marla said...

Looks like a blast, we should stop by on our way home. Its cold here, we've been blamed by the locals of bringing cold weather from KY, oh well, I've been blamed for worse!:o)

Jboo said...

What a fun time!! Cute kids and he's right -- that Paige is a hottie! You and your friend are so cute! Can't believe those guys didn't latch on to you two with your fun sense of humor!

Have a great new year!


Debz said...

I was soooo excited when I read that some people came from Harbin to do the sculpting!! That's where our Ice Princess is from!
I wonder if Charlie Browns Christmas will be the theme for their festival this year too!

Happy New year!

Jodee Leader said...

What a fun night! Cute pictures!

Marla said...

How cool! Geez, I crack myself up. We went to that here last year, but didn't make it this year. Looks like y'all had a blast!

Michelle said...

We went to the Gaylord in Orlando last year to see the ice exhibit. Isn't it amazing?!? I had no idea what to expect, but hope to do that again. They did freak me out about my camera freezing, though. Did they tell you to keep your hand over the battery the entire time?

Great pics and such a fun time!

Denna said...

Great Pictures.