Thursday, September 16, 2010


I do realize that the past couple of posts have been a little on the negative side, so if you are looking for a pick me up, you might want to move on to another blog (kidding, ... well, sort of).

Today was a really, really rough day. I was interrupted today by colleagues, no less than 15 times throughout the day. Not only was my instruction halted, but the kids started getting antsy and talkative. While one colleague "stopped by to chat" he commented on how my students were awfully squirly (sp?) ... this being said while he had been in my room chatting excessively for 10 minutes. I mean, seriously people, have some boundaries here.

I never interrupt a class or waltz into another classroom unless it is an emergency or I have been invited. I value my colleagues and the students time. It is precious and I think it is RUDE to barge in.

Then, a teacher across the hallway from me comes in every morning to sharpen pencils. That is not a problem, I don't mind if it is before the students arrive. However, now she is sending her children over throughout the day while I am teaching. I have an electronic pencil sharpener, so it is loud. I don't let my students sharpen throughout the day, so why should another teacher's students come and interrupt us and do it.

BOUNDARIES! I have to create some or this is going to be a bad year.

Then to top things off today, Paige and I got into a disagreement. She is definitely showing the signs of being a teenager and while I am sensitive to that, I am not going to allow disrespect. She just fell asleep and didn't say goodnight...for the first time...EVER!!! :(

I desperately need a good devotional right now. Does anyone have an uplifting one that they would like to share? Maybe a good bible study??? If not, I suppose I can hit the bottle (just kidding...well, kind of :)

Thanks for listening to me vent! Tomorrow is a new day.


Amy Lafayett said...

Today God showed me this verse in Romans 12:12 "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer." It pretty much summed up what I needed to hear. I have meditated on it all day. It may be a good one to write down and think through daily! I need to concentrate on the "faithful in prayer" part myself. :)

Leslie said...

Awww...Man....All That Just Stinks Missy!!!!
Sorry you had such a bad day. Thinking of you...and sending a (((HUG))) your way.
You need some Ky girl time....NEXT MONTH...LOL.
Hope your still planning on coming. You guys can stay with us.

Sherri said...

I don't know any bible verses to help you out, just wanted you to know that I was listening to your vent :)

Your colleagues may not come around, but I'm sure Paige will. I bet you get an extra special good night tonight.

I hope today was better for you :)

Tell that other teacher your pencil sharpener broke. She'll never know!!

Jboo said...

Oh my -- what a day! Wow -- I can't believe all those interruptions -- that would tick me off too -- how frustrating!

Oh those tween/teen years -- they are already making me a wee bit nervous!

Hope you have a great weekend!


Norah said...

It's happened on a few occasions with Gene...the no goodnight. It's the worst. It makes me cry, and no matter whose fault it is, it makes me want to go in there and scoop him up and hug him. I even got the no wave a couple times last year when the bus came. That's a big ouch too. I'm so sorry.
Have a glass of wine, and then go into school and "accidentally" break that dang pencil sharpener...Hehe.

a Tonggu Momma said...

On days like that, I am all for a bottle... of Diet Coke! *grin* But only cuz I can't drink wine (darn those sulfites!).

I'm sorry that day last week was so hard. I said a prayer for you tonight that Monday shines brightly for you!

Kelly Green said...

Hi Missy...thanks for the "hug". You as well. You are such a giving person - more are needed like you in the world. So..along with a hug, I send you a margarita. You take care of yourself from time to time. Next time a get a clueless parent, I'll get you on the horn to be my "whoop-ass" person.