Friday, September 23, 2011

She was RUN NiiNG

In my best Forrest Gump voice, I am constantly saying, "Run, Paige, RUN!"

My little dancer extraordinaire has shown this year what an incredible athlete she is. I am not surprised that she is doing so well at Cross Country, because when we first brought her home from China, we used to tease that her feet never touched the floor...they skimmed on top of the carpet as she ran from room to room. She has always ran everywhere she was going. It is quite comical to think back on her first few years home.

Paige chose to try out for Cross Country this year on top of her full dance load. I knew she was a fairly decent little runner, but she has far surpassed what I thought. There were so many kids who tried out for the team this year (67 to be exact) that they had to cut the teams into an A team (Competitive team) and B team (run at home meets). Paige was chosen for the A team!

She has had about six meets and she is shaving off time at each meet! At her last meet, she came in 12th out of 113 girls!!!

The only caveat is that I spent time with some of her dance teachers this weekend and they said while her strength will serve her well with her fourettes and jetes this year, it is hurting her flexibility. She is becoming more muscular and tight. So, we are going to have to make sure she stretches really well after she runs. No matter what, she loves running and I am THRILLED that it is something that can keep her little heart healthy!

Here are some favorite pics of my girl! RUN, FORREST, RUN! :)


IMG_8621 - Copy

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IMG_8588 - Copy
Fixing her hair before the run! Always some "girl time" :)

IMG_8591 - Copy

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Sharon said...

Way to go Paige! I have to say, I really love her sneakers : ) .