Sunday, December 28, 2008

Prayer request

I have an urgent prayer request. A sweet, sweet bloggy buddy needs your prayers. I am not going to say right now who it is, because I don't have permission, but needless to say, the situation could be very serious.

PLEASE say an extra special prayer for "C" and her family. PLEASE!

I'll update on our Christmas when I come up for air, as we have been busy, busy, busy!!!

Keep "C" in your prayers! Thank you so much!!!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh my gosh Missy, you have me scared....I will keep "C" in my thoughts and prayers!!

Hope your holidays were fantastic....I am just trying to catch my breath too....I am DOG tired!!

Happy New Year!


Jboo said...

Will definitely keep C and her family in my prayers.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and will have a fun New Year's. Take care.


mommy24treasures said...

oh I pray everything is ok.
I lift them up to our HEavenly Father and thank Him for caring for each of us.

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

On my knees lifting them up in prayer. Please, please, please keep us posted!


Marla said...

Prayers for C going up right now, I hope everything is OK!

Looking forward to hearing about your Christmas!

Gail said...

C is in my thoughts and prayers Missy.

Happy New Year a little early to you and your family!

Pixel Fairy Princess said...

Oh yes - we will def. pray for this family.

Happy New Year!!!
Ladybug hugs,

Julia said...

I hate seeing news like this, update us soon please. I'm saying a prayer. Hugs,


EllieNat said...

Saying a prayer....

Colleen said...

Thank you, Missy. You are a dear friend.


The Byrd's Nest said...

I will keep "C" in my prayers too Missy. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do!