Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bullet style

  • Yesterday was my soon-to-be sister-in-law's Wine and Cheese. I think it was a huge success. She got lots of goodies that she registered for. It's always fun to see what people give as wedding gifts. She had several place settings of her fine China and several of her everyday ware. She got some silver, a fondue set, lots of cool utensils, picnic baskets and wine goblets. Then she got her fair share of the "what do I call that on a Thank You card" gifts :) You know, the naked sculpture that has a clock on the stomach, or the clear, plastic "grandmotherly" looking picture frames. : ) No matter what, there was laughter, food (yummy cheeses) and LOTS of wine. I had THE best red wine that I have ever tasted in my life. It was shipped in from a winery in CA, I believe. I would pay big bucks to order a case of it to keep in our house for entertaining....YUMMY!
  • Paigee cried BIG, Crocodile tears yesterday (and this isn't a crying kid). She missed her best friend's Twilight themed birthday party, because she had to go to the Wine and Cheese. She learned what it meant to sacrifice for the family...a good, life lesson.
  • We received THREE exciting letters in the mail yesterday...

1. She got her dance letter stating that she was moved up another level in dance. This was unexpected, as we thought she would remain in her level for one more year. She is now what is called an "Amethyst". Their load is more in depth. She will be taking- ballet, hip hop, tap, jazz, modern and possibly competition hip hop. A lot of dance, but she says she is "sooo super excited". We shall see!

2. She received an invitation to join the Junior Cotillion. She will attend classes on etiquette one Sunday a month for the school year. They will be taught table manners, phone manners, the proper way to greet people, how to receive people in a line, how to use utensils properly in American and Asian cuisine ( I was excited to see that they were including Asian cuisine). She will be attending a Fall dance, a Thanksgiving dance, a Winter SnowBall, and a King and Queen of Valentines Heart Ball. She will learn how to Waltz, Cha Cha, Salsa and Swing Dance. She has to wear a formal white gown to the ball with white gloves. The only way we could get her slightly excited about wearing the white gloves was to tell her that when Cotillion is over, she could cut them up and wear them for hip hop :) Ha!

3. Lastly, and more importantly, a former friend of my dad's, who coached with him for years, saw Paige's pic in the newspaper for getting Good Citizen at her school. He cut out the picture, wrote her a long card and shared memories of my dad and told her that he would love to be involved in her help her remember my dad and share memories. How special that God sends us angels on earth. HE knows just who to put in our lives to make this life a little easier. The goodness that I see in people continue to amaze me.

I once was a very jaded person. I thought people had alterior (sp?) motives for doing kind deeds...I am thankful that God has softened my heart and opened my eyes. I see good in everyone and I am forever grateful for that new awareness.

  • I am looking, and I mean truly looking, for a way to become a mommy. I've got some emails and phone calls into some agencies. If it is meant to be, it will be. Until then, I will enjoy my "almost 11 year old" baby and the babies that surround me at school.
  • We are having Paige's best friends over for a sleepover on Friday night. Please keep me in your thoughts and! :) No, really, they are great kids.

Sorry for the long post, but once again...this is the only journal that I have right now and I don't want to miss a thing.

I hope you and yours have a wonderful week! Make it a great one...I know we will :)


Norah said...

Wow, she really did get some great mail! Everything sounds so cool. The wine and cheese sounds fun, but I might have shed some tears for the Twilight party too...: ) Family does come first though. I wish you the best of luck on your quest to motherhood. I know you are going to make an awesome Mommy! I can't wait to follow wherever this journey leads you.

Heather said...

Missy - what a great post!!! SO happy for your brother and his soon to be wife.

The letters are great, but truly the one from a former colleague of your dad was so special. Paige will relish that note forever (as will you all). We are so proud of your little darling for all her accomplishments, though we know that the grace of God and you and your parents play a really big role in the confidence she displays and the gifts she has learned to share.

You are one amazing family! What a blessing to have each other!

Love & Hugs,

Julia said...

Wow, what a great mail day. Congratulations to Paige on her dance accomplishments and the cotillion, she is quite an accomplished 10 year old!

And good luck to you my friend on your quest to become a Mama, I know it will happen when the time is right and you will be one GREAT Mommy, I look forward to watching your journey. :-)

The Byrd's Nest said...

Hmmm...where do I start? I will start with this special friend of your Dad's....what a touching thing this man did...God never ceases to amaze me because Paige has definately been going through some emotions these days...maybe this was good for her.

Congrats to Paige on her dance and she will treasure all of these memories.

And you sweet girl.....oh how I have been praying for you to be a Mommy....I remain on my knees.

Donna said...

Obviously I don't know you personally, but I can sense from your blog that you will be an amazing mom someday...regardless of how it will come about. Best of luck on your journey to parenthood!

Jboo said...

Missy-- great post! So happy that your Dad's friend is reaching out to you -- that is so special! YOu have a the most wonderful family. Take care.


Colleen said...

Missy - you are going to make an awesome mommy. I think it is definitely meant to be!

(And how mean you all were making Paige miss her friend's Twilight birthday party. I would have let her go. LOL!)

Super Mommy said...

Congrats Paige - she's going to do great at both of those! Praying for your possible adoption girl!

Casey said...

Sounds like some wonderful events are happening in your life right now!! Enjoy your expanding family... your sister's wonderful accomplishments. And I wish you all the best in your adventure towards parenthood. You know as well as anyone how the process is just as exciting as the end result... It just brings that much more joy to the moment. We are thinking of you in your journey!!

Joe and Jane said...

Missy you will be a fantastic mommy!!!

And what wonderful blessings to arrive in the mail!

mommy24treasures said...

oh Missy I love that your dad's old friend took the time to send Paige such a detailed letter. That is truly a gift!

SO glad to hear Paige's love for dance is going well too:)
Oh Missy we all know you are going to be the BEST MOM ever! I pray right now the Lord guides you down the path to your child and holds your hand and your heart all the way.

Jennifer said...

Finally playing catch up in the land of blog. What a exciting time for Paige and you. Please keep us posted.