Tuesday, November 16, 2010

36 feels awful today!

Ok, this might be "TMI" (too much info), but I am putting it out there for all of blogdom, hoping and praying that some of you can shed some light on what is going on with me!

As a teenager, I had a "fairly" easy time being a female (if you get my drift!). My twenties weren't bad at all. Short and simple monthly visits and I was on my way.
Lately, however, I have been MISERABLE! I am turning into a MEAN, grumpy gal once a month. I am weepy a week before, during and a week after. I cry and cry and cry some more. When I am not crying, I am sad, or OVER the top anxious. This is sooo unlike me.

I have cramps that bring me to my knees and often I spend hours on a heating pad. I am taking ibuprofen like it is candy.

HELP! Did any of you feel like this in your mid to late 30's? I have an appt. with my doctor, but it isn't for another month. I am a little stressed out, as this isn't the norm for me. Any advice or calming words would be appreciated :)

Again, sorry for the TMI, but I am hopeful someone can relate.
Thanks in advance! If I have any male readers, see the joys you miss out on!!! LOL!


Margaret said...

I can SO relate! It is horrible. I had an fairly easy time of it until I turned 40. Now I don't even recognize myself at times. I definetly am not capable of making important decisions as I feel like I am having out of body experiences. I was on the pill for most of my 30's, which my gyn says minimilized things during that decade. Well, it was one BiG shock when I went off the pill and discovered what the real deal was....UGH! Hang in there! I wish I could say it gets better, but I am still going through it monthly.

Colleen said...

I can help with the cramps. Advil/motrin is the key. As soon as you start feeling the cramps, take four. (Yes four, my doctor told me so.) Then take two every four to six hours after. I do not know how I'd manage without Advil during monthly visits.

Emotion wise, I discovered in college that I am sensitive to caffeine - which makes PMS much, much WORSE. It's a fact. As a coffee and Diet Coke lover, I always choose decaf. I am a happier person that way. I don't know what your caffiene intake is, but eliminating it may help.

Hope your doc has some ideas for relief too!

day by day said...

Missy.....get the book "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Pre-Menopause". Every woman should have that book...I recently read it and still refer to it at the age of 43, but wish I had my hands on it while I was in my 30's.

Sue said...

Sorry you are going through this. I'm in my early 40's and probably entering perimenopause so I can relate.
I would read anything and everything by Dr. Northrup.

Sue : )