Sunday, November 21, 2010

...then there's little ole' me :)

Thanks for allowing me to vent and be so vulnerable for the past few posts. I appreciate all of your suggestions for books and what to ask my doctor, etc... Amy, I also LOVE your holiday tradition and am definitely going to borrow that one. Afterall, HE is the real reason for the season and instead of being down and out, I should rejoice in the fact that it's a happy occassion! Love ya, girly!

So, this weekend I got together with some dear friends who were such a special part of my past. I was so stoked to see my old friends and talk about all of the exciting things that have been going on with them. You see, one is Mrs. Tennessee, the other is Mrs. United States, the other was the prom queen/homecoming queen, etc...and then, well, there was me :) One would think that being surrounded by such beauty (on the outside and the in) you would walk away feeling a little down about my overweight, bags under the eyes, hair needing colored, frumpy self. However, the opposite couldn't be more true. It's so nice to be around friends who love you for who you are. No put on, no pretense. I have so many incredible relationships and I want to give thanks for those this holiday season. I had so much fun reminscing about our past, present, and our hopes for the future. I feel sooo blessed to have such great friendships in real life and in blogdom.

I love the saying, "A good friend is someone who knows your past and loves you anyway!" These girls know my past and they still love me. I love them, too! I hope that Miss Paige grows up with as many lovely ladies in her life as I have in mine.

Thanks for all of your friendships! Mwah!

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Casey said...

Hey Missy- Just read your other post about your health. I am almost 38 and had a hysterectomy at 30. I kept my two ovaries, but one of them died b/c of a dermoid. So I am surviving with one ovary. Some of the symptoms you are describing sound like what I felt like when they took the one ovary out before the second ovary kicked in... basically like a pre-menopausal state.

One thing my oncologist OB told me was that all women have different levels of hormones initially, so while your hormone numbers might be in an adequate range -and thus- not considered pre-menopausal IF your hormones take a drop at all, you will still FEEL pre-menopausal for a while while your body adjusts to the "new" normal. It is NOT fun.

Another possibility is having polycystic ovary syndrome. It is when your ovaries produce unhealthy and multiple eggs that kinda stay around for longer than wanted... similar to multiple cysts on the ovary. They can be very painful and cause emotional roller-coaster of feelings b/c they are messing with your hormones. I would mention this to your doctor. An ultra-sound should be able to diagnose it. And you can take medication to control some of it.

I wish you much peace during this time!! Thinking of you, Casey