Saturday, October 22, 2011

Country Girl

I have been a bad blogger. First of all, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for the comments, emails, FB messages about my last post. I appreciate the friendships I have made through this blog. I was in a funk. I can't say that I am completely out of the funk, but I am working my way through it. Actually, I have a plan that will hopefully make my future a little brighter and I can live the life that I have dreamed about for so long.

I could write a novel about things that are going on with me, however, I would rather document some fun things that Miss Paige has been up to. She lives the most fun life ever. She is a mover and a shaker and has her hand in something all.of.the.time!!! I love it :)

The high school that we are zoned for is a great one. It's exactly where I would want her to go even if we weren't zoned there. They have a two time national winning dance team and are seven time state winners. They are amazing at technique and pom, but they ROCK at hip hop which just happens to be where Paige shines.

They had a dance clinic and then they performed at the half of the football game. The theme was "Country Girls Shake it with the Golden Girls". They danced to a song, "Country Girl". Paige did AMAZING! She will be trying out for this very team in a little over a year. She has a lot to still master, but many of the Golden Girls told her that she would make the squad even if she tried out now. Talk about an ego booster for Paige. I hope she continues to work hard, because nothing is ever promised us.

Here are some pics of her fun night. Oh, how I love watching my girl! <3

Before the game. Sassy "thang" :)

Paige and Holly, one of her hip hop teachers at the studio. Holly was a former Golden Girl.

Paige, Avery, and Jessica. Dance studio buddies.

Channing, Paige, and Bethany. Friends from school and hopeful GG's.

Samone, Paige, and EG. Samone is a "little" at the studio and she LOVES Paige and the feeling is mutual. EG is a Freshman GG and a great friend and mentor to Paige.

All of the kiddos from our studio who participated in the clinic, with Mrs. Jamie, the GG coach. She is the winningest (sp?) coach in the state of Tennessee!

Emily, Paige, and EG. Emily is a Junior and is a wonderful mentor to Paige (she will be graduated when Paige gets to high school. Sniff! She is a great role model!)

Megan (Senior Captain) and Paige. All of the Golden Girls say that Paige and Megan are two peas in a pod. Both are major goofballs, love to laugh, don't care what others think of them, are good dancers, and try to keep things light. I'll take those characteristics anyday. Proud of my girl and so happy she has had positive role models who have taken an interest in her.

My next post is an exciting one for Paige. She had an amazing opportunity a month or so ago and you will be able to see her on TV in the next couple of months. Pics and a post coming soon.

On a side note, I have been SOOO busy with Fall Photo Shoots. Are the trees as gorgeous where you live as they are here in Tennessee?? It's GORGEOUS here! Happy Fall Y'all!!!


Jboo said...

Hi Missy!! Oh my word -- that Paige is such a sweet girl and so lucky to have a sister like you! Wish I lived closer -- weren't you going to do a road trip to Nebraska same day? :) Have a great day!


One Happy Mama said...

Missy, good to see you back updating the blog! I gave myself a 30 day challenge to write more too. I'm glad you are doing better...I know all to well about those FUNKS! Miss Paige is adorable as ever. It's great that she can pursue her passions (dancing and sports).

rgshrs said...

That looks like so much fun and you have so very many things to be proud of when it comes to Miss Paige:) She will surely continue to shine:)

I had to laugh at your "Happy Fall Y'all" I ended my post (yes I blogged last night!!! major catch up session! lol) anyway, I ended my post with the exact same sentence. HOW FUNNY! And to answer your question, NO, the trees are not nearly as beautiful down here as they are where you are. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE where I live, but I do miss the changing and vibrant colors of Fall every year. So I love it when you share Fall pictures:)

Sharon said...

I always enjoy reading about Paige and seeing your great pics of her!

One Happy Mama said...

Sooo precious! I love me some Paige! Glad to see you posting, even if it's only weekly ;0) ... why don't you challenge yourself (I did) to write more on the blog. I'm on day 20 of a 30 day challenge, and I like it!