Monday, August 3, 2009

Highs and lows...taking it in stride!

Well, I officially have a FIFTH GRADER in our home! I cannot believe it.

Today, Paige woke up before any of our alarms. She was soooo cute. She had picked out her hiphop cargo shorts, a cute purple Gap Tshirt, put her own hair up in a ponytail and picked out matching ribbon and brushed her teeth without me having to ask~!

She was so excited to see who her teacher was. We prayed last night that she would get whoever she was meant to have (however, she secretly wanted a particular teacher). To our excitement, she got the teacher that she desired AND her class is stacked with SUPER SMART, outgoing, well rounded kids from excellent families! YAY! She WAS so happy...was, being the key word.

After she got home, we decided to spend one of our last summer days together at the pool. Upon arriving, she saw so many of her "besties" and they all did their group hug and giggled and took off to play.

I perched on a lounge chair, opened my book and proceeded to read and get some sun.

Within five minutes of my arrival, two mamas sought me out. They walked up and with a "oh I feel so sorry for you" face, said, "Paige is a great kid and is smart and will get through this year and it'll be ok". Ummmm, yes to all of the above statements, I thought. I proceed to tell these moms how excited P was to have a very structured teacher and loves a challenge and thrives in that kind of environment.

One of the moms, who is really a great friend (this is why I am so baffled), kept on and on. "Oh, the homework, oh the projects, oh the torture of this fifth grade year, blah blah blah" ... now sounding very much like Charlie Brown's teacher.

Finally, I just said, "Paige is happy! Until this teacher gives us a reason to be unhappy, we are going to continue to be excited". End of story.

I have a hard time with preconceived notions and why people want to discuss the doom and gloom. It is the one thing about being an educator that bothers me. It is a proven that children learn in different ways. Just because my friend's son had this teacher and didn't do well, doesn't mean that is going to be the case with Paige.

Am I so naive to think that this year isn't going to be academically challenging? Absolutely not. Am I happy that my girl is excited? You betcha.

I am on a positivity kick and I kept finding myself all day long saying, "It will be JUST FINE". The phrase caught on and as I was leaving the pool, many of the moms were saying "It will be JUST FINE".

I am proud of my girl and how positive she is about having a "tough" teacher. I am proud that she is not going to listen to people to decide who she is going to like and not going to like. I know that this year is going to be JUST FINE! I mean, seriously, it IS just fifth grade!

How was your day? :)


Jill said...

Great outlook Missy! Paige will do GREAT!
Glad to hear her vfirst day went so well!
Hugs, Jill

Kate said...

Paige will be fine...and you know that. You are wise to stay positive...and my rule (and yours I am sure!)is to allow the teachers to do their job...and maybe only occasionally...and always to myself question a thing or two. Lia has learned that we respect our teachers...and what they say goes...and we are positive about it all. Paige, she LOVES school. It IS all in the attitude I think!!

And how about you...what with the catch phrase and could sign off with that on e-mails and blog posts and such...

Best wishes...and it IS going to be better than is what you make of it...and it will be great!!!

Jboo said...

So exciting to be a 5th grader! Time does fly by! Love your positive attitude and I'm sure Paige will have a great year!


a Tonggu Momma said...

My fifth grade teacher was the toughest teacher in my whole elementary school. And I adored her!

Gail said...

You know attitude is 99% of least that's my opinion. :) She will do awesome Missy I'm quite sure! I've never been one for preconcieved ideas about people and I learned that quite a while ago in my nursing practice.

And it's going to be a great year!!!

Courtney said...

Kids learn in different ways and with different teachers. I am sure she will have a wonderful year!

Sherri said...

That is exactly what happened to us with Jade last year. Some of my friends couldn't stand her teacher and when it was time for their second kid to have her they went to the principal to ensure they would get another teacher. I was warned by a few moms and you know what, Jade had an amazing year with a teacher who was simply fabulous. Paige will be fine, attitude is such a strong factor in making it work and Paige has such a great attitude.

Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

Paige will do great!!

Marla said...

My day is just fine! :o)
Good for you, positive always wins. I wish everyone shared our outlook! (((hugs)))

Kelly Green said...

Hi there Missy...oh the drama!!! I'm always amazes me to see parents not realize to the incredible potential of not only what kids can handle but enjoy. Challenges are good and a part of life - lets get them ready now and not over-protect or assume the worse. Love your PEP!!!
Hope all is well...

The Byrd's Nest said...

Paige is a little trouper....look at what this precious angel has been through and has come out triumphantly with God's help. I will be praying for her school year but I also know she has the best big sister ever who will help her and notice her needs!

Debz said...

I always seem suprised when I see one of my bloggy buddies from the US talk about school starting in August. We start here in September. Wow hey, where did the summer go.
Paige is going to do great! Glad she had a good day.

Donna said...

We had the same thing happen last year. When we found out who Emma's teacher was, a couple people looked horrified and said she had a reputation for being really tough. Yeah, she was tough, but caring and compassionate and was a wonderful teacher!

I know Paige will have a great years in 5th grade!