Sunday, August 23, 2009


Paige has had some exciting things happen to her this week:
  • She was chosen as one of 10 kids in the 5th grade to be safety patrol for her school. This is what all the fifth graders strive for, as they get to be "the boss" and tell the "little kids" to stay behind the yellow line and help them to their car in the car rider line. The principal called them down to the cafeteria and told them that they were "The Best of the Best" and this was a huge honor. I would be tickled "pink", however, she is tickled "blue".
  • She was FINALLY moved up to the intermediate hip hop dance class. This was a HUGE deal to her. She has really stepped it up and is so excited. She was also told that she would be in the Hip Hop Company for her studio this year. WAA HOOOOO!
  • Every Saturday, we will be heading downtown Nashville to a Hip Hop class taught by one of THE most amazing choreographers. He is absolutely.amazing.and.POSITIVE! He choreographed numbers for NSYNC and Backstreet Boys just to name a few.

Paige is also going to begin basketball this winter and is soooo excited. She has a lot on her little plate, but she asks to do it all. If her grades ever started slipping or she seemed overwhelmed, we'd cut way back. I truly believe in letting kids be kids, however, I think idle time (at least for our little Asian Love, is not productive). We like to stay busy and ON.THE.GO!!!

As for me, I've had a very busy back to school week. I have a classroom FULL of first graders. We are over maximum capacity and are waiting to see if we will be getting a new teacher. I had several parent requests and when those were filled, it put me over the limit, while the other teachers don't have as many. I am really not complaining on my end, I just don't think it is fair for the students. With that many little ones in a very small classroom, they won't get as much of my undivided attention as usual. As always, we'll make due and have a good time doing it.

I wish I were a stay-at-home sissy/mom. I know that SAHM's work SOOOO hard and am not saying that it would be just lazy days of sitting around eating bonbons and watching TV, but I miss so much by working. I don't get to be there in the a.m. when Paige gets up. I can't go and have lunch with her or do much volunteering in her classroom. I NEVER get to pick her up from school and feed her an afternoon snack. I don't get to run carpool for dance. Sometimes, I feel so disconnected with her during the school year. She's our one and only and I don't ever, EVER want her to say that I didn't spend enough quality time with her...particularly during these formative years.

My photography business is really starting to take off and I could easily quit teaching in the Metropolitan school district and move to our little suburban area and teach. I would make up the loss of income through my photography business. I am really going to spend this year in prayer and self reflection and see what exactly I need to do for me and my little family who mean the WORLD to me.

Sorry for being so scattered and all over the place, but I love my little blog. It's my diary and my weekly "therapy session".

Tuesday is a special day and I'll post about it this week!


a Tonggu Momma said...

Wait a minute, shouldn't that be tickled ORANGE for the safety patrol? They do still wear the orange sashes right? LOL.

And why does it not surprise me that you are the most popular teacher in the first grade? Of course you are over the limit - stop being such a good teacher and being, well, YOU and you'll have a more manageable sized class. But of course that's impossible...

Congrats to Paige on her hip hop promotion!

Gail said...

Congrats on miss Paige for becoming a safety patrol...very cool. Even I(many years ago) was a patrol..yes Tonggu Momma with the special orange sashes...;)

I think your idea of getting a job in the suburbs is a great one, especially 'cause you'll be able to be with your sweet family more...lots to think about.

Have a great week...wish you were Grace's first grade teacher!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh my word....Miss Paige is going to be really busy this fall!! I am so excited that she is going to be a safety patrol, but I am literally jumping up and down that she will be moving up to the intermediate Hip Hop class....WHOO HOOO, it sounds like the class to be in with that kind of choreographer as a teacher!!

I miss you girl...I think it has been almost three weeks since we talked. I know you are busy, but give me a ring when you can!

Luv Ya,


3 Peanuts said...

Oh are such an awesome big sister to are more than that I love that you want to be there ven more for her. i hope that God leads you to the right choice. I am SURE you are a fabulous 1st grade teacher too. i am not at all surprised that parent requested you.

BIG congrats to Paige on the dance and the safety patrol.. Awesome accomplishments!!!

mommy24treasures said...

typing things out is like therapy at times isn't it? Many times I have found the key issue to something by typing it all out...
I hope this is a wonderful year for you.
I remember wanting to be sp SO BAD and did not get on;(
boo hoo...
so yea Paige!!!!

Jodee Leader said...

Missy -- You are such an amazing sissy/mom! It sounds like you are both keeping very busy!

Jboo said...

Congrats to Paige on Safety Patrol and the dance promotion! Can just tell that she does her best at everything she tries, doesn't she!

I'm not surprised there are a lot of parent requests for you as a teacher!

Lots for you to think about this year with your photog business and all. YOu'll make the right decision for you and your family. Have a great week!


Norah said...

You know you are the best sister ever, right?

kerri said...

Congrats to Paige, such wonderful accomplishments to start off a new year!
I would love for my girls to have you for their teacher, no onder your so popular, your awesome!!
So glad your photography is going so well, I can see your love you have for it in every shot. ;0

rgshrs said...

Wow, girl that is a lot going on! Congrats to Paige on safety patrol and the Hip Hop!! AWESOME!!! She is going to have so much fun working hard! Love it!

Can't say I am surprised you are the most popular teacher. LOL. You are YOU and fabulous! So glad to hear the photography is going so well. I'll keep you in my prayers as you search for guidance this year.


The Byrd's Nest said...

Wow...and not too long ago photography was just a dream! You are moving girl!

You are the greatest big sister so it doesn't surprise me either that all of the children love you!

I love you!!!!!

EllieNat said...

Hey Missy,
I think I have been visiting your blog too much lately. I had a dream about the two of us last night. (Do you remember that I taught 1st grade for 20+years??) Well, in my dream we were first grade teachers running around like chickens with our heads cut off getting ready for the first day of school and we missed our beginning of the year staff meeting because we were at Starbucks!! Very bad form. I suppose I still associate September with the excitement & drama of a new school year, and reading your blog brought all the memories back .

Hope you have a great school year!