Friday, February 12, 2010

Paige + Avery = BFF's!

A couple of nights ago, dance was closed due to incliment weather. My friend, Kelly, and I had two very upset girls on our hands. It was hiphop night and Paige and Avery are always in attendance, usually in the front row. Sooo, we decided to take the girls out for an impromptu dinner and told them that they could pick anywhere that their little hearts desired, sky was the limit. Where'd they want to go you ask???... Pan@ra Bread! Hey, it worked for me as I was ready to drop some serious dough on our fav. high priced hibachi restaurant.

While there, I couldn't resist snapping a couple (errr, more than a couple, but oh well) photos of these two friends.

I know that now it feels like I have constantly got the camera in their faces, but one day, not too long from now, they will hopefully look back at these pictures and remember fun times had between two special friends. I hope they remember their night at Panera Bread, where they ran outside and were hiphop dancing in the snow, with no coats, while Kelly and I looked on with tears in our eyes, truly appreciating how precious these girls are.


Can't you tell how sad they are to have missed dance? haha




Kim said...

How ADORABLE! Two cutie pies...I can only imagine all the giggles that come when they get together. BFF's are a treasure!

Love the t-shirts!


Michelle said...

Awwww, sweet. How cute are they and their BFF shirts? SO cute! What fun memories they will have, outside dancing in the snow.

Have a great weekend, Missy!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

SO SWEET!! They are adorable in their matching shirts!! You can tell their are BFF's and inseperable!!

You mark my words, one day they will look back and be so grateful you were always sticking the camera in their faces!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend....a Happy Valentine's Day and a Happy Chinese New Year!!



rgshrs said...

Too cute! Some day they will thank you for all these pictures. My sister-in-law, was in her 20's when she came into my life, I was 6. She recently gave me a bunch of photos that she had taken of me while growing up. I LOVE them and am so grateful that she brought a camera to the major events in my life, since my Mom so seldom did. (She knew could count on her;) I'm sure Paige and Avery will look back on these times and thank you too. :)

Love those pouty faces and the smiles that came with making the best of a bad situation!

EllieNat said...

The BFF shirts are really cute! Sweet pics!

My daughters are getting a little annoyed with me always wanting to take their pictures too! I've had to start bribing them. So far, gum does the trick. Not sure how long that will last!

Jodee Leader said...

What a fun night! Cute pictures of the BFFs. I love their t-shirts!

Becky said...

What great pictures of the two BFF's. Love the shirt it is so cute!!

Felicia said...

They are so cute, and the matching T's....adorable!