Monday, February 1, 2010

Golden Girls Clinic Part 2

Here Paige is on performance night. The theme was, "Kickin' it old school"...she reminds me of the Madonna, Material Girl days :)

Here are the girls prior to the performance. Paige was trying to console Avery as she was nervous...

...and after, SUCCESS! Look at those sweet beaming faces :)

Mitch, Kate, Matty and Paige

Elizabeth, Kate, Hannah and Paige

Paige and the coach of the GG's, Jamie! She is an amazing coach!
Here is the video of Paige dancing! I am sooo proud of her, as you can tell by my yelling! At Paige's very first dance recital she said, "I want to hear you scweam the loudest" and I have ever since :) If you don't want to watch the whole video, she starts dancing at the 3 min. 30 sec. mark. My little hiphopper :)


Rhonda said...

Hey Missy!

What a cute--that Paige! That age is so full of spunk...and drama! Right?! lol!

About CNY: Yes, we're wanting to go, but haven't RSVP'd b/c we're kind of in a dilemma about how long we'd be able to stay. Right now, it's looking like we might make it from 3:00 to 4:00...or maybe 4:15....The reason is that Nolan has his little Homecoming Dance (basketball) and all the couples are getting together for pictures about 4:30 or so, but they haven't decided for sure so we're kinda in limbo right now. I'm determined to take her, even it's only for an hour. Can you send me the link for RSVP-ing? For some reason, I can't go back and find it in my email.

I'm looking forward to seeing y'all there. It's so lame that we haven't gotten together before now, but WE WILL soon. Let's make that happen.

On that note: Amy L. has probably written me off as a friend b/c I haven't been to visit her and take her a gift since her little guy was born. Now that IS LAME! I'm embarrassed! I MUST make that happen as well.

I'm now thinking I should have just emailed all this to you, rather than leaving it here for everyone in the world to read...oh well...ha!

Can't wait to see you and Paige on Saturday!

Love ya!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Now those are some old school moves.......and Paige and Avery really brought down da house....LOL!!! How cute were they???? I love the outfits....totally remind me of the old school Madonna look:)

LOL at Rhonda's "book".....I love her and am so envious that y'all are going to see each other......she seems like a hoot....and Miss Macy Li......ADORABLE!!! Hope you girls have lots of fun:)

Miss ya too!!



PS...whenever you get up here for a visit, I will make you some of that lasagna!

Jboo said...

That Paige is such a beauty and so much fun -- now, where did she learn that, I wonder? Her older sis, I'm betting!

I'm jealous too that you and Rhonda are getting together! Why doesn't anybody want to road trip to Nebraska??? :) Have a great week!


Dawn said...

Oh my Missy, absolutely loved that video. I am such a huge Paige fan!

Jodee Leader said...

What a fun performance! I enjoyed watching the video! Paige is a doll!

paige said...

so cute!!!
thanky you for your encouragement today

Michelle said...

Way to rock it, Paige!! She did an awesome job!

EllieNat said...

Hey Missy, Seems like I've been off the computer for a week or two. I stop by your blog for a visit, and Paige is so grown up! Yikes! Grown up, and very lovely...

Felicia said...

Now that is old school. Did I hear some MC Hammer? She's got the moves and her outfit does look like 80's Madonna!