Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Winter Wonderland Tennessee Style

We have had more snow in the last two weeks than we have had in years. It has truly been a blast! Paige, my mom and I got out in it everyday. We drove around (and got stuck in the ditch..not wise), we went sledding, built snowmen, made homemade chili, drank cider and red wine (my mom and I, not Paige...just sayin' :). It was sooo much fun!
I am out on a snow day today. Great, you say? Nope, we have to now make it up! BOO! Nonetheless, it is always nice to sleep in and be a little lazy :) Here are some pics and some funny video that I have taken over the past couple of weeks!

This is the hill that I sled down when I was a little girl. There were multiple casualties this year, but thank goodness Paige came away fairly unscathed. However, one day she and her friend slid under a parked boat...oops :}

Paige and Corley. These two have a love/hate relationship. I could do MANY a post on things that go on between these two, but I prefer to remain an optimist and showcase a pleasant exchange amongst schoolmates and dance buddies. hahaha!

winter in the villewm
This is one of the entrances back to our house. I took this pic and fell in love with how magical and desolate it looked. It evokes a feeling of going home. I don't know why I love this image so much, but I do.


This is my favorite chair on our side deck. It is where I sit and read, think, breathe in and out, cry, talk on the phone, etc... It looks so alone. I'll be back soon...when mother nature spits out a little warmth!

I leave you with this hilarious video of my mom and Paige sledding. I LOVE my mom!!! If you knew her, you'd love her too. She is such a great sport and such a tiny little nugget of hilarity!!!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Your Mom is SOOOO CUTE!!! So glad y'all are getting a taste of winter weather..... I know this is so unusual for you!!

Your winter wonderland pictures are beautiful...... I love the steet shot!!

We are getting up to 18inches tonight into tomorrow....OMG, I am so over winter.....now bring on spring!!



The Byrd's Nest said...

Your mom is precious! Just like you Missy! These pictures are wonderful and they look cold...ahhh...I wish I could feel it here in Costa Rica!

I miss winter....seriously....it is not cool to perspire every day from the humidity and then collapse in the cool shower at night. lol

Love you girl and I was hoping to catch a sneak peek of your new hairdo! Come on' share the love!

Gail said...

Love ALL your pics Missy...that snow hill looks awesome! I still sled with my kids now and then, have great memories from when I was a little girl.

We rarely get snow days cause we get snow so often up here, sure would be nice to get one occasionally. Your Mom cracked me up in the video, can tell she's lots of fun!!!!!


Jboo said...

Gotta agree - your Mom is so cute! Beautiful photos! Glad you had some fun with your snow. I'm ready for spring though!


Marla said...

Congrats on a snow day! We got one too.:o) The pictures are great, I took a couple today of my little snow buddies.
The video is too funny! you might win some money with it!

Marla said...

Your mom is adorable!!! Gorgeous snow, I can't even imagine that here. Beautiful pics, as always!!

Robin said...

Great video ... too cute! You have some great winter pictures. That looks like a crazy big hill that Paige is going down :)

Enjoy the snow!

a Tonggu Momma said...

That is SOME sledding hill... er, the one in the photo, not the one from the video. BwaaaaHaHaHa!

rgshrs said...

Love the video! Your mom is too cute! I too love the street shot, maybe it reminds me of many a winter evening in Maine where I grew up;)
They are talking snow even here!! It's crazy!
Beautiful pictures. I had a friend like Paige's love/hate friendship...guess what? She is still a dear friend and even when we go years without seeing or talking to each other we can just pick up a conversation that's never ended. In some ways she understands me like no one else does..so I'll be optimistic with you on that friendship! :)

3 Peanuts said...

Such pretty photos Missy. Your Mom is adorable:)