Saturday, January 30, 2010

Golden Girls Clinic Part 1

Paige (and I) were excited that she was invited by the coach of the Golden Girls dance team to participate in their dance clinic last week. The Golden Girls are the national champs in their division and are incredible dancers. Paige has posters of them up in her room and knows all the girls bios, etc... (it's really cute!). Their coach, Jamie, is the most winningest (not sure that's a word :) coach in the state of TN. She produces some great dancers.

Last week they had a clinic and the girls learned a routine that they were going to perform at halftime of the boys basketball game. Paige and her best friend, Avery, were beside themselves. They were asked to be moved up to the middle school dance division...big stuff in the eyes of a fourth and fifth grader ...wink!

Here are the pics of her fun day!


I love how they are in position ready to go and the others are just chatting :) Our girls dance at a studio where you have to be on it at all times...hee hee!

Doing a little Kid n Play action :)

Avery and Paige with their favorite Golden Girl, Hannah. She takes at the same studio as the girls and is such a sweet and WONDERFUL role model for these girls. Her momma raised her right!

Paige and Kate. Kate is the daughter of one of my best friend's, Barb. We just love that little peanut...and Paige digs her big bro, Mitch (aye yi yi!).

Getting the GG's to sign her poster. With a smile like that you can bet it was a GREAT day!

Pics from the event and video to follow next :) Now, I am off to play in the SNOW with my girly :)


Jboo said...

That is so cool! What a fabulous day and experience for Paige and her friends! Have fun this weekend!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

How exciting for Paige!!! It looks like she had a complete blast....I cannot wait for the video!!

Hope you girls enjoyed the snow....we didn't get any....the storm missed us.



a Tonggu Momma said...

Paige is just BEAMING in those photos. I'll bet she's one of them before too long.

rgshrs said...

So cool!!! Love that smile! So glad they had such a great time!!

Norah said...

So so cool!