Saturday, November 8, 2008


I had the honor of photographing this sweet family this morning. They were so much fun and were so loving. The grandma, whom they lovingly refer to as "Plain Grandma" : ) and I work together. She is our Guidance Counselor and is among the best in the state of TN. in my opinion. She was a blessing to me yesterday as I had a day that every teacher hopes and prays never will happen in their career. I can't go into details, but I would like to ask my praying friends to please lift up "little man" in your prayers tonight and in the nights to come. He chose me to share some info that I am sure was very difficult to share and I am forever grateful that he trusted me. Anyway, as I photographed this family today, it made me thankful that I am surrounded by so many people that have a GENUINE love for their family. FAMILY...what does that mean??? In my career, I see so many "families" who use one another to get "things". I see families who don't make time for each other or just exist together, or even worse...hurt each other, physically and emotionally.

I watched this family today and saw how much they loved each other and enjoyed one anothers company. Yes, they were there to have their pictures taken, but in the down moments, when they didn't know I was looking, I would see a mom caress her son, or a husband and a wife share an admiring glance, or a child hold the back of his "Plain Grandma's" shirt.

I hope that I show my family how much I love them every single day. I want my family to know that I think of them when I am driving to work, wondering what their day will be like. I want them to know that when I am pulling into our subdivision, I often smile, knowing I am seconds away from being around the sweetest people in the world. I wonder if my family knows I would lay my life down for them and would protect them...always?


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Jboo said...

Wow -- beautiful photos of a beautiful family! What a gorgeous and wonderful day you must have had!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...


The pictures are just BEAUTIFUL!! Love the two little guys in their cowboy hats....what fun!!

I am praying for "little man"....I cannot get it out of my glad that he trusted in you and I hope that he is now safe!

Your post is right on the money....the importance of family is like no other! I know you would do anything for yours....


Michelle said...

You definitely captured the joy and beauty of this family! You did a great job!

Jodee Leader said...

I couldn't agree more with you -- family is sooo important!

I love these pictures! It looks like everyone had a great time during their photo shoot!

Kelly Green said...

Gorgeous pictures Missy!
How've you been out there??
We're thrilled with Pres Elect Obama as well out here in Republican land. It's been so lovely having such passion in the kids with whom I work - starting to understand working gov't, etc.

Okay...I need help...I changed your URL and name on the Blog Buddy list...but when I push it it says by invitation only. The only way I can link is if I go to one of your comments. It's still public isn't it?

How's Paige doing with Mouse-practicticing? She must have Nutcracker music running through her mousy head :)

Hope all is well. You must be looking forward to fall break.

Take care!

day by day said...

Sweet pictures, Missy!!

Kerry said...

Beautiful post Missy!

I hope that your little man gets the help and support that he will need. As a prosecutor, I always loved when my initial outcries came from teachers or mandatory reporters- no real claim of motive to fabricate. And children need all the support they can get.
You must have created a atmosphere of love and trust in your classroom. I know that it must have been heartbreaking for you- but to be the ONE person for a child- it is your gift.

Family can mean so many things. Unfortunately for so many children-it is not so positive.

Kerry said...

Great photos- BTW

Gail said...

Too me, family is everything. Mine has been with me through the good and very hard times of my life and I am always there for them. My mentors are my parents, the finest people I've ever known. What a beautiful family you had the honor to take photos of. And beautiful photos too!

"Little man" is in my prayers and will be. I'm just happy he could come confide in you.Unfortunately not everyone has a family like you and I do Missy. As a nurse I experienced some similar events. Being an advocate for children is one of the most important things one can do.

rgshrs said...

Praying for "little man". I know that must have been hard for you but am so glad there are teachers out there like you, that kids like "little man" know they can trust. Will keep praying for his situation.
You are so right about family, and I have no doubt that yours knows how very much they mean to you and that the feeling goes both ways.
The pictures are GREAT! You are getting really, really good with the camera my friend! Wish you were around to get some for me!


Michelle said...

These are such great photos!! I'm so glad you are able to take this hobby and make a little something extra on the side. You really do have a talent for capturing these special moments. I just loved what you had to say about the meaning of family. You are so right!

Praying for "little man."

Have a great week!


Donna said...

What incredibly lovely are so talented!

Lisa said...

You took some great photos of this family!

Sherri said...

Great pictures Missy!

I'm pretty sure your family knows how you feel about them ;) !!

rgshrs said...

Just a note about your music choices! Had the volume turned up today when I checked in here, the music started and just two words before I clicked away.. "ever, ever.." Julia comes running in from the other room, "Mama, was that the 'chanted song?" LOL! Just had to share that with you. This child is too much some days! Safe to say she likes your choice of music too!;)

The Byrd's Nest said...

What a gorgeous familu! Ummmmm can you come here and take pics of us??? They are really beautiful Missy.

Joe and Jane said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful post! And just the thing you needed for your tough day. I'm glad the "little man" has you so he can get the help he needs.

Jennifer said...

Great job Missy!!!

The photos are great!


Chris and Deb said...

Awesome photos Missy! They do look like one happy family!