Friday, November 28, 2008

Product reviews and apologies

I shopped for about an hour today and gave up. It was TOO crowded. So, I came home and hopped online and found some things that Paige has mentioned that she would like for Christmas and wanted to see if your kids or anyone has any experience with:

1. Guitar Hero for the Wii
2. Rock Band for the Wii
3. MarioKart for the Wii
4. Mp3 player vs. an ipod (which is better?)

Also...I received a private email ( you know who you are, you turkey : ) and she scolded me for writing so much on this blog and not posting as many pictures. Point taken! : ) I promise to start becoming the "sistarazzi" again and will post more photos. We are going to Opryland Hotel tomorrow and it is a mecca for a photography crazed sister and her sweet, yet, not excited little sister! We are going to sweeten the deal by surprising her with her first horse and buggy ride. That should appease little Miss Priss : )


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Hi Missy,

The malls were absolutely insane...I ventured out for about an hour and a half and that was all I could stand!!

Nick has Guitar Hero and MarioKart and loves them both....Rock Band is on his list this year along with Wii fit!! I think you will be fine with any of these choices!

As far as the MP3 vs IPod, I really don't know....I think it is really personal preference!

Have a great time tomorrow....sounds like a wonderful day!!

Take Care,


Jboo said...

Hi Missy -- sorry, I don't know anything about any of those items. Went shopping for awhile to and it was nuts out there!! Sounds like you have a fun weekend planning. Can't wait to see more of your gorgeous photos! Have Fun!


Sherri said...

My guys each have a Sansa (Li'l Monster I think it's called) and they both prefer it to the IPod. It does everything an IPod does, but it hasn't broken down yet as all their friends IPods have. And, it's cheaper ;)

Gail said...

I prefer the IPod but that's just me(also husband and my oldest son).

I'm happy you'll be returning in your "sisterazzi" role. I have a sister who is 18 mos. younger than me, and we are BFF. Sisters are amazing.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

Michelle said...

You are a brave one. I have never done shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. I can't stand crowds, so we took the girls to the conservatory. We were about the only ones there. :-)

We just bought Wii for this Christmas, so I can't help you out there. We are an iPod family, so I don't know anything about mp3s. iPods are great, though.

On Saturday, we went to the Gaylord Palms, which is owned by the same company. The Opryland is much better, though. I can't wait to see pics!! What a gorgeous setting. Have fun, Sistarazzi!

Chris and Deb said...

Sorry I can't help out much in these categories Missy....I will be coming to ask you advice about all of these things in a few years! :) I do say IPod over MP3 were vcertainly brave to have ventured out today!!

mommy24treasures said...

love your thankful list below Missy. I am thankful for you!
You are lovely and inspiring and always such an encouragement!
I love your writing AND your pics:)
I will come by as soon as we get home from our trip to see pics;)

Jennifer said...

Have a great time tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing pictures!!!


Super Mommy said...

You are more brave than me - I wouldn't even go to a store for an hour!! Sounds like you got Paige some cute things - we love our MarioCart - the girls love driving!

iPod all the way - I have one and Jade is getting one for Christmas too (pink of course)!

Denise C said...

OH.....can you come back next weekend too??? We'll be there!!! I'll email you the details...maybe we can get together!! (and Gwen and Laura too!!!)
Love you Thankful list, Missy! You have the most precious heart!!!
Have a fabulous time at the Opryland Hotel....I can't wait for my turn at pics next weekend!!!
Hugs and Love!!

Marla said...

Hi Missy! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. I have no experience with Wii anything (yet), but I definitely am an iPod fan. We have quite a collection of them and have never had any problems whatsoever.

Have a great time at Opryland, can't wait to see pics!

Norah said...

My son has and loves Guitar Hero for the Wii. His wishlist includes Guitar Hero World Tour (which is like Rock Bank) for the Wii and an iPod Touch. He has Mario Kart and it is SO much fun that even I play it. This is my first visit to your blog and I can't wait to read more today!