Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This and that

I just got home from buying The Elf on the Shelf and am SO hopeful that this will keep Santa Claus alive in Miss Paige's heart. She is 10 and hasn't said anything about not believing, but I think she has her doubts. Have any of you ever done the Elf on the Shelf? It is all the craze with my friends and their kids, so we shall see if it is magical.

Nutcracker is going well. As Paige says, "I am enjoying dancing with the Company now" : ) Ooh la la, huh? The first performance is less than a month away and we are all so excited. She has tons of friends and their families and my coworkers coming to see her. She has pics taken this weekend and I will try to scan those in, as we cannot photograph the performance. The hall that they are dancing in seats 2400 people and they say that is just too many people to be taking photos. Here is a link to the hall she will be dancing in:
Take a virtual tour at:

Some more exciting news is Paige and my mom just came home from rehearsal and said that Paige was invited to audition for the part of a munchkin in the Musical , Wizard of Oz. This will also be at the performing arts center.

I am SO proud of her and all the she accomplishes, but I am even more proud of the amazing little girl she is. She has a heart of gold. She walked in the door tonight and heard me coughing my head off, came running over to me, put the back of her hand to my forehead and said, "Poor sis, you don't have a fever. Can I get you anything? Bless your heart". : ) You know you are from the South if you end a sentence with "Bless your heart"!

Anyway, that is about all that has been going on with us. Busy, busy, busy! Lots to do in the next few weeks, so please understand if I don't get to visit your blogs as often as I'd like.

I'll be BAAA CCCKK!!!!


Pixel Fairy Princess said...

HOW cool! Way to go! She is a rising star :D I know that you are totally beaming right now!

We are so into Santa right now and I am loving every minute of it! So special. We got our Elf last year and isn't he wonderful :D

Ladybug hugs,

Jboo said...

Wow -- the Nutcracker performance sounds so cool!! Cannot wait to hear about it and see photos! And trying out for a munchkin -- that Paige is one sweet lucky girl!!

Take care of yourself now. WIll have to look for that Elf!


Anonymous said...

I hope my son will believe in Santa at age 10! You are lucky! And way to go Paige! :)

Super Mommy said...

How exciting! We so love the Nutcracker - have mini-series tixs to see it every year - a wonderful family tradition.

Paige would make an adorable Munchkin - how exciting if she gets that part too!!

Bless her heart!! (I'm from the south too) :)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Ok....dumb question...What is elf on the shelf???

You must be so proud of Paige!!! I cannot wait to see the pics of her.....and what terrific news on the Wizard of Oz!!

It was so much fun chatting with you tonight.....talk to you soon:)


Lisa said...

My sister does the elf with my nephews and they love it and my sister has a great time doing it. I want to do it for Ana Claire.

Colleen said...

Great update!

What is Elf on a Shelf? I googled it and got to a cool site, but I had no clue what it was about (other than neat Christmasy stuff.)

Sherri said...

The Elf on the Shelf seems like a great idea! Mark knows but I refuse to confirm his suspicions. I don't want to be the one to ruin Christmas for him. I must say "If you don't believe, you don't receive" 1000 times through the month of December!

I can't wait to see Paige's pics. This is a time she will never forget.

rgshrs said...

So awesome that Paige is loving the dancing still, can't wait to hear how the Nutcracker goes and then auditioning for the Wizard of Oz! Julia just discovered The Wizard of Oz this past weekend and loved it. She would think that was just the coolest! Paige will hold onto these memories forever.

That Paige is just so sweet inside and out! I hope your cough isn't too bad.

Can't say as I've ever heard of the "elf on the shelf", sounds cute though. Guess I'll have to look that up. :)

Gaga said...

Im not familiar with the Elf on the Shelf either but I remember telling my kiddos that if they didn't believe then Santa wouldn't come. Way to many years ago to remember when they actually found out. Good luck to Paige on her new found career:)
Sorry you are feeling poorly :(
Get better quick !!!!!

kerri said...

What a talented, beautiful and compassionate girl.
I have never heard on the elf, going to have to research that more. :)
Bless your heart(beautiful saying)

mommy24treasures said...

I hope your cough gets better quickly. What a sweet girl Paige is I can always tell by her pics she has a sweet heart. I have never thought about it but I guess bless your heart is southern? hmmm. I say bless your heart too:)

Jodee Leader said...

Paige is such a talented little gal! I can't wait to see pictures!

I don't know anything about the elf either!

Nicole said...

Hey! I bought the Elf on the Shelf a couple of weeks ago, and I can't wait to start it the day after Thanksgiving!

Ooh! A MUNCHKIN! Gracie LOVES that show! Wish we could come!

Nicole said...

Oh, hope you feel better really soon!

Kerry said...

Wow- wonderful news about another audition. Yay Paige.

So sorry that you are not feeling well. We are all coughing here too! Not fun. You prolly got it from one of the kids! lol

What is the Elf's Shelf???